Canvassing Issues

Hey guys, I need a bit of help canvassing and wonder if any has encountered this problem.
I live and operate in a semi rural area and my biggest fear is canvassing neighborhoods. I’m always worried theyll see some black dude wondering around on their property and freak out (I’ve had this happen before).
Any tips/constructive ideas to help?

i am white and live and work in a mostly white area so i don’t have the colour issue but we all must gain customer trust and confidence.

i have regularly heard complaints about other companies and how the employees look like homeless people or bums and they are uncomfortable having them at or in their property. i also hear complaints like “they just sent a couple of kids who joked around instead of doing a good job”

we must command authority as much as possible for people to have confidence in us

when i work (canvassing or cleaning) i wear dress shoes dress pants a polo shirt, and often a white bump hat and safety vest (yes for residential) and no 3 day growth.

i haven’t put them on yet but i bought amber flashing lights for the top of my van

my helpers are not allowed to wear jeans, sleeveless shirts, basketball shorts backwards hats any clothing with goofy or offensive image or text. if canvassing they are not allowed to walk on the the customers grass. they have to walk up confidently ring or knock and then stand back from the door. they always have flyers a clip board or a tablet plainly in view.

do everything you can to make yourself obvious and purposeful. you’ll still encounter jerks.

good luck

this podcast is pretty good

I am a young white male and I still feel horribly awkward canvassing neighborhoods. I have had some success paying my younger sister and a friend to go put out door hangers, wearing a uniform and hat. I don’t like knocking on doors at this stage of the pandemic still, I hate it when people knock on my door because my dogs go crazy and I most likely don’t need what they are selling.
Check out Nextdoor in your area, you can pay to target certain neighborhoods with your ads and I have gotten views for as little as 2 cents a person. Much more affordable than EDDM.
Also I saw a much bigger return when I changed my door hangers to a more professional layout, there are definitely low cost ways of advertising but you attract what you put out there!
Best of luck!

Drive a vehicle with logo / phone / etc, very visible. I think wearing a hat and shirt with your name, company name and logo on them would help too. Maybe carry a clipboard or some kind of shoulder bag. Basically try be very visible as a legit business. Hopefully you aren’t actually wandering on their property, just coming straight up the driveway or sidewalk. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I am also a fair skinned White guy and still occasionally get “that look” from some folks in some neighborhoods. I always have my logo’d polo shirt with my business name on the front breast and large logo name on the back. I try to have neat clean casual clothes, in winter cold (for Florida) it is often jeans, but I try to look the part of guy who is in business for himself, not any grunge look at this is a luxury service that we provide, so instill that look. I’m not saying that you don’t do that already, just saying always put your best foot forward and look, act, and talk the part. Also I don’t solicit (knocking doors and trying to deliver a sales pitch); I put door hangers on doors - and many times people aren’t home anyway. I can spread out a whole lot more door hangers by walking and dropping off hangers instead of trying to door-to-door sales with people who don’t want to be bothered in the first place. My door hanger does the sales pitch for me. Gated communities I use a flyer mailer. Usually within a week or two later the phone starts ringing. Many times I get a few calls for a quote within minutes of leaving a neighborhood. I know some say they don’t have time to drop door hangers, that’s great, I usually don’t either after a few rounds of dropping hangers. I book up, then do it all over again. Just be you, be professional, people will do and be who they are - be you. Have fun, have a great attitude, and make some money! :slight_smile:

Dress profesionally for what you’re doing: CLEAN polo or your business work shirt, khaki’s pants/shorts, clean shoes (one solid color if possible-white, black or matching your business colors) and keep your face clean shaved or the scruff tight (trimmed). Smile, stand back from the door a 3-4 feet, open body position (like you’re not hiding something), have your script down for when they answer the door. Know the solicitation guidelines for the community and check the house as you approacg for signs. No soliciting menas it and if you hit their door they call the neighbors at least and the cops possibly.
That’s from doing summer sales and serving a 2 year mission for my church (lots of rejection in Quebec :frowning: , but that got me ready for dating :wink: ). Remember rejection is not perosnal, even when it may turn personal and remember that the next house is another opportunity.
Good luck my friend.

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