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Hey WCers, I’m gonna get right into it. I stop in storefronts and my script is pretty much… “Hi my name is Austin, I work for Everyday Window Cleaning. I only want to take a moment of your time. I want to give you my business card…it has a free estimate on the back”

After I get done with that part, I say what the price is and then “if you’re looking for a window cleaner please give me a call and have a nice day”

My Question is: 1. Do you rely more so on the follow up? If so, is the “follow up” a call? 2. Should I add something in my script to try to close the day of my canvassing?

Thanks for taking the time with my post,

Your scripts seems a little self defeated. What I read was: “I hate to bother you but if you maybe sort of need a window cleaner, I can maybe sort of help?”

No storefront is looking for a window cleaner, they get window cleaners coming by all the time. The issue is: what sets you apart? Do you look professional? Are you confident in your business and prices? Can you get the job done? Are you reliable?

And yes, call backs are huge. You’ll probably get 80% of your jobs through call backs.

Here’s my advice on storefront canvasing:


Sounds like a good flow.
I tend to do it like this.

I walk up look at the windows if they’re dirty I’m mentioning it. I walk in and usually the first person may or may not be a manager. I always say hello my name is Casey, is your manager in by chance?
(If no manager on site I give my spill, collect their names and the managers names)

Speaking to the manager…
My name is Casey how are you today? I’m actually stopping in to introduce myself I service other businesses in your area(name a place near by if you have the account)
I see that your windows look like they haven’t been maintained in a while we offer different services packages your storefront would be great for a (monthly, biweekly, 6 week, bimonthly, quartlery —you choose the frequency) maintenance package. When would you like to get on our schedule for your area, we can do them today if you like?

Then usually they say well how much would it cost. I then ask well would you like in and out (some only want outs) or just exterior?

“In and out”

Perfect I have you at a monthly prices of $50 for inside and outs we show up like clock work and you have nothing to worry about. Would you like for us to service you today or when would you prefer to get on the schedule.

The way I speak with people I don’t really offer a chance for a no. I’m not really asking yes and no questions I’m making a positive assumption
I’ve already sold them.

You will get a ton of no no no… but when you get the yes get straight to it! If they say they do it then tell them to let you retrevie the extra wokload. If they have a window cleaner on sight, ask how much they are currently paying and if they’re satisfied with them.
And in closing always say we’ll if you ever need a window cleaner here is my card your quote is on the back, good reliable window cleaners are hard to find we would be happy to serve your business if the opportunity ever arises. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

Now make sure you collect who you spoke with, manager or staff write it down (at least I do) and the date you were there, name of the place and then in 4 to 8 weeks or in between you do a follow up call and see if things have changed. Or if you get a account next door or near there just stop on in, look at the names and walk in and see if they would like to get on the schedule.

This is how I do it. And I’ve been doing really good at gaining accounts sometimes people are just busy and they do follow up with you when they’re ready just recent gained an account I left a business card with a estimate on the back about a year ago… I wasn’t keeping records then. But I do now in exactly they way I told you. I want to be able to go back in months later and ask for the same person by name and know how much I quoted.

Also people will want low prices due to the market being shredded with them. Don’t budge your price unless it’s a weekly account. And still don’t budge much.

When I am out canvassing I always have a monthly price in tact and a bi weekly to follow along size of it.
For example say biweekly is $25… well my monthly would be $60. I sometimes do random number like $28 or $64 just to switch things up a notch.know your prices and stick to them.
If your new keep the dedication. I’ve been out and got 50 no’s to 1 yes. Keep a smile consistently and be mindful of customers and repeat the managers name during conversation.

Good luck!


Awesome man! Great advice, I’m going to add methods you mentioned in your post. I’m gonna stay motivated and keep the ball rolling. Like Jared says I guess I do sound self defeated. These people out here in Florida tend to be rude most of the time…They’re still human, I’m just gonna be more confident and try again

Absolutely mate it takes a while to build a route but once you do it’s an amazing thing to have because more and more and more businesses will see you more frequently and we’ll get curious and feel left out and jump on as well keep up the good dedication keep a positive mindset and don’t be self-defeating when you get out of the truck or car know that you have a positive assumption that you already have the job and Implement what I I have learned to do sometimes it’s frustrating when I’m you get a lot of no or negative people who just don’t really care to talk to a window cleaner but always keep a smile on your face and keep you happy when I get in the car everyday I say to myself who has my money let me go find it. What part are you in Florida I’ve actually considered moving down that way later in time.


Thank you for giving your advice! I’m more than positive I can clean there windows! I’m very professional, have the right tools, and business shirt with my company name on it and I go clean cut. Yes I’m very nervous to get out there and canvass. I know I can clean windows better than most of my competition out here…just have to convey that message when Im talking to managers. At the end of the day, I really love cleaning windows, I’m good at it. But CLEARLY I need to work on my business and communication skills

I also recommend downloading the window cleaners blue print book I belive there may still be a free download I purchased it there’s heaps of great information in that book and it’s helped me to get more stabilized in business! Use the search tab and look for window cleaners blue print book. It’s great

Yea man, pitch it to yourself over and over and eventually it flows out. People can tell when your nervous no one really likes to be sold on anything. That’s why I use more questions without a yes or no answer. You got this, believe in yourself this is your business and your image. Would you buy from you? Also set yourself a minimum it’s good to have. You’ll get there buddy I’m still growing myself. Where are you in Florida?

You’re totally right man, I got about 5 accounts and it feels really good when I landed them. I love cleaning windows, and I genuinely am very appreciative of my customers. I stay out here in Fort Lauderdale.

Man there are some high end residential areas down that way I’ve been looking into it. Keep it up man you got this message this forum has changed my life use the search tab and find the golden nuggets and download the book! Good luck mate!

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There is a lot of potential down here my friend. Big beautiful ocean front homes! Gonna take your advice! Thanks for giving good feedback bro

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"HI, (my name is), and I am in this area today cleaning windows and I can do yours right now; here is my card with the quote on the back.

Yes? Great, let me grab my gear and get these knocked out for you.

No? That is fine, I’ll be back in this area in 4 weeks and I will stop by to see if you are ready then. Have a great weekend.

Simple, positive like you are busy and are cleaning others windows nearby. (Ohhh, the other shops are getting theirs cleaned, I better also.) See the difference?


I like that pitch, I’m gonna give that one a try as well. Simple but brilliant.

Hi there! Do you have a reliable window cleaner? Just listen to what they will say. Yes, ok here’s my card Incase something should happen. No, ok here is how much and this is when i will be cleaning in your area.

I think you have to be super quick at getting to the point because you are going to want to hit get your next 20 no thanks yous to get to the next yes.

I feel like this has worked for me.

Ah man… Not gonna lie. I’m pretty nervous about door to door. I’m a pretty shy dude. I’ve done door to door sales but not in a while, I was in jr. high at the time. Gonna grab that book.

I didn’t see this mentioned yet, but stop looking for dirty windows. You need customers that already know the importance of clean windows. You want to sell people with clean (ish) windows on you and your company providing a regular service.

When I first started, I’d take them all and it seems it was always the ones with the nasty windows that’ll turn you away next month because “they are still clean”.

Hey man, hows things going on your storefront strategy? Hope your growing!

when i had a retail shop in a strip mall the same guys came by for 20 years. i don’t remember exactly how often but they asked straight out “want your windows washed?” no commitment other than right now. i never would have committed to a regular cleaning but i had them clean often. i only had a door and one medium pane, it was 5 bucks. they did a lot of business.

Down to the local bar maybe. That’s no way to make a living.