I just moved back to pittsburgh, and am trying to build up a route to keep me busy on the weekends. any advice on how to best acquire restaurant/storefront accounts?:confused:

Well, first, many storefronts don’t like their windows being cleaned on Saturdays, their typical busiest day, so you might have customers not pleased about that.

Beyond that, patience, perserverance, and looking out for things are key.

Go to a finer commercial neighbourhood, not a run down one. Go to the stores, ask to speak to the manager, offer a quote for window cleaning, and if he accepts clean their windows right away.

Building a route takes time and patience. It will not happen overnight. The fastest way to build one is to speak to as many people as possible, and get immune to hearing the word no. It is difficult for some to hear no often, but it has to be done. It’s a numbers game and there are some that will say yes, because their window cleaner has abandonned them, or they are fed up with him, or the window cleaner moved away.

A good route may take weeks, or even years to build. It will start with a few stores, and as new stores move in, you will get them, and it will multiply. People will see you on the street cleaning windows and will ask you to give them a quote.

Getting new stores are the easiest way to build a route. Go after a new store, weeks before they open. If you see them put a new sign or awning up, or put a sign up asking for people to submit their resumes, that means the manager is in regularly, and persistently try to reach him. Establish a friendly rapport with him, make chit chat, give him your card. Later provide a quote, and chances are you will get the job. If you wait till opening day to get the job, you are toast. Some other window cleaner beat you.

You will also hear some customers getting their windows cleaned for ridiculous prices. don’t let that deter you, or don’t try to beat those prices. Generally if the windows are clean and the manager has a cleaner, move on. If you get a job by price, you will lose it for price too.

Also establish good pricing. It may seem easy to charge low prices, but you will regret it later. You will end up working for less than you think you are worth, and you will end up with the runt of jobs. Price at least $1/window for outside windows, and $1.50 for inside windows. Count the door as two windows, and always clean both sides.

I have built my routes the old fashion way. I walk up one side of the street and leave a card/ask for the manager and try to make a deal…then I walk back down the other and repeat. I make it a point to do it twice every month in areas where I have little or no business. Eventually, you will get a few who you either wear down or are impressed by your determination and you can get a toe hold. Then you have to provide regular good service and appreciate your customers to keep them…or someone else will be doing them

Remember…for most accounts you pick up, you are taking food off of someone else’s table

Or beer!

I know this is old thread but want to bump up because of the good information.

Must be winter cuz i was just thinking about this…

I use the old method of telemarketing! On average I’m getting 4-5 new stores a week just by making phone calls! I also go store to store talking with owners leaving flyers etc. I make sure to pick up their biz card so I can call later to make the sell!

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How many calls are you making a week to get those 4-5 new accounts a week?

Usually 40 calls a day, 2-3 days of calling! Lately I’ve averaged 2 new clients a day making calls!

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where are you located?

That’s a fantastic close rate! I would know, I used to work in “Boiler Rooms” way back in the day haha. Would you mind sharing your system?

*What kind of prospects are you calling? (Storefronts, Small Office Complexes, etc.)
*Who you call/where you get your leads from
*Your script
*Sales & Follow-Up

Also, how do they usually react to a Window Cleaning company calling to solicit services?

I’ve been in sales since 1996 so I’m very well seasoned! I’m currently in Los Angeles. Working right now making my calls so I will talk with you later. Pm me your contact info and we can go from there!

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Id love to hear your pitch as well!

@Windowguyz, how would you get the numbers to call? Would u go through the yellow pages and go down the list? Or google?

Whats the script you use when calling? How do you approach it by phone?