Car lot bid


Hey guys any ideas on a price for this? You can barely see it but in the beginning of the vidoe there are 8 more of the big windows you see in the front. Also the taller area of windows around the door on the inside have a bout a half a foot deep sill. Not sure if they want inside and out yet, but I am creating both bids.

I don’t know. I wouldn’t do them for less than $1.00/$1.25 per surface inside and out and keep a minimum in mind. But I detail edges and corners on all jobs - no WFP on hand. If it’s outside only, or inside/outside every other clean or something, still have a minimum in mind to make it worth your while. I don’t suspect they want to spend a lot like a residential would be willing.

Would you charge that low even for the tall windows? There is only 28 of them and at 1.25 $ per pane that would only be $35 for the big ones…thats barely any money. Not sure what you meant by “no water fed pole on hand.”

Inside out bare minimum about $1.25 each surface. The tall ones have two surfaces on the outside and two surfaces on the inside, right? (Tall and short separated glass). The first set of windows as you are pulling into the parking lot are separate glass panes for that opening.
So looks like I’m counting all together 75 actual glass surfaces @ $1.25 each that’s $93.75 outside x 2 = in/out @ $187.50.

I don’t have a WFP so it all squeegee work.

Oh ok thats more like it. Yea sorry I got confused cause I usually just charge around $6 for the tall ones…which includes the smaller part at the bottom and inside/outside cleaning…So your price was close to mine…Thanks!

There were also more small windows around the doors and on the inside they have extremely deep sills and they are very tall so obviously I had to up the price pretty much for that but I came up with a pretty expensive bill maybe you could look at it and tell me if you think it is crazy. If it is maybe you could help me bring it down?

Outside Cleaning
54 outside glass surfaces @ $1.75 per surface= $94.50
6 door surfaces (outside) @ $1.75 per surface= $10.50
4 transoms (outside) @ $1.75 per surface= $7
3 normal window surfaces (outside) @ $1.50 per surface= $4.50
8 doorway windows (outside) @ $1.75 per surface=$14
16 doorway windows+ (*I) (outside) (tall) @$2.75 per surface= $44
18 tall/thin@ $1.25 per surface= $22.50
Inside Cleaning
54 inside glass surfaces @ $1.25 per surface=$67.50
6 door surfaces (inside) @ $1.25 per surface= $7.50
4 transoms (inside) @ $1.25 per surface= $5
3 normal window surfaces (inside) @ $1 per surface= $3
8 doorway windows (inside) @ $1.25 per surface= $10
16 doorway windows (inside)@ $1.25 + (*B) per surface= $20+(*B) $16 =$36
18 tall/thin @ $1.25 per surface= $22.50
Total $151.50
Inside/Outside $348.50

I generally do residential and don’t get too involved with many business because they have a tendency to only be price shoppers. BUT, there are several who have accepted my quotes no questions. They are doing good business income which I’m sure makes a difference.

Anyhow, I would simplify it. Figure a price you are willing to live with and that can fly in your area. Say $1.50 per surface. All glass surfaces are flat, easy to get to, and has four edges and corners. Simple once you get in a rhythm.

Make it $1.50 each. I come up with 108 surfaces at $1.50 each = $162 x 2 (in/out) = $324. Now maybe you can go a tad higher, who knows. Try it and if it’s not enough 2013 is just around the corner and raise your rates then after they see how good of a job you do. But the other thing to always remember is never sell out of your own pocket. Just because your wallet would’nt open up for $300+ doesn’t mean someone else’s won’t - who ideally would be the guy you are collecting from. :wink: