Carbon fiber stack ladder

I would love to have a set of carbon fiber stack ladders.

I have seen one piece carbon fiber ladders

Does anybody think it would be possible to make a strong safe carbon fiber stack ladder

So that would be amazing. It weighs around 5 lbs! That would make working with any ladder so much easier.

From a technical standpoint, it’s feasible. The real hurdles will be legal ones.

There used to be 4 different companies that made sectional window cleaning ladders. From what I’ve read, at least a couple of those companies were sued out of existence.

Now there’s only one, and just barely, at that. No more half pieces, no more 7 or 8 foot tops, Metallic is just selling the barebones. Even the rivets and replacement yokes that used to be available at all the supply warehouses are getting hard to find.

This question seems to pop up every year or two. I would love a set of CF stacks. I just have an aching feeling that it’ll never happen. I would love to be proved wrong, though.

Yeah that makes a lot of sense

I don’t understand why they are being sued. I have been using one for 6 years and never even a close call of a problem. Whats going wrong with these ladders?

I’m sure it’s been primarily user error. But just because someone causes themselves to get hurt, doesn’t stop their health insurance from trying (and often succeeding) at finding someone else to blame for it and foot the bill.

I. Want. This.


…But I’d settle for a carbon or hybrid carbon/fiberglass extension ladder built on the design of the pointed top extension ladders in the UK.

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