Cardinal Armor For Shower Enclosures

I inspected a lodge today where all heavy glass enclosures have been treated with Armor protectant. In addition, the installers provided Cardinal Armor Wash product in bottles to be used as needed. This product carries a three-year warranty.

[B]Does anyone have any construction cleanup (CCU) or regular maintenance experience with this product?

Any gotchas or best known methods?[/B]

BTW, the lodge has a sophisticated water treatment system, though I did not have a TDS meter in my vehicle.

I don’t but I am interested in hearing about your results. One of our customers had actually just asked us about this product. Obviously as you know the doors will all be tempered.

Please keep us posted… Some pics would be cool to.

I have used THIS product several times while working for a glass shop. Is pretty good, but I haven’t used any other to compare. We were giving 2 yrs warranty back then. There’s another called Shower Guardian that came applied in the glass from the wholesaler.
The first one we apply it at jobsite or warehouse.

My post does not concern the protectant treatment.

It is a request for comments regarding cleaning this specific product from those who have practical experience.