Cart or Truck Mounted System?

I would like to know what the advantages of truck mounted WFP is over a cart mounted system or visa versa.

Any thoughts are appreciated as I try to gather information to make a decision.


I have a 100 gallon tank on one of my trucks and very rarely need to bring the cart with me. The nice thing about the tank is that it is all set up and ready to go. It takes just a minute to pull the line off the reel and attach it to the wfp. Then I hit the power button and away I go. I also have to have the tank because the majority of homes and businesses in my market don’t have a water tap.

Well there is the portability issue. With a cart you can move it from vehicle to vehicle.

The permanent mount offers … well a more permanent solution. You have the option to hook in fixed hose reals and water tanks.

We have had this machine for 2 full seasons now. We also carry it inour store

When we bring it to a job it very rarely comes out of the truck. If I had just 1 truck that I worked out of everyday I would probably just have it all semi permanently hooked up in there. You can get all the parts to this machine for almost a couple thousand dollars less excluding the cart.

The Hose reel , the membranes, Di housing etc… We have put together a couple systems for people recently and really just sold them the parts. They then just mounted them on the inside of there van. They saved a bunch of $ that way.

Chris, can you shoot me a quote on the parted out version?

Yep I will get that out to you today.