Catchy line

what do you think the best headline would be for signage such as yard signs and banners, We Clean Windows, Window Cleaning, Professional Window Cleaning, any other ideas, thanks…

“Free Crack”… betcha it’ll get the whole neighborhood’s attention

I like “We Clean Windows” - Maybe you can come up with something like – “windows being cleaned here”

My old slogan from 10 years ago was “We do do Windows”.

‘We clean windows’ is okay for this type of ad. You could make it more interactive
by saying ‘we’ll clean your windows’, or you could leverage the fact you are
cleaning someones windows with 'Do you want clean windows too?"

I like the last best as you open the ‘keepin up with the Jonses’ appeal and cause
then to think about their windows.

Power of Suggestion… I agree.

I’ve offered neighbors my “While We’re Here” discount… but it’s not nearly as effective during the colder seasons.

yeah that was my favorite too. i do like the ‘do you want clean windows too’ but it will not work for this type of ad. i have a truck am going to use for advertising only. i will build 3 ft by 7 ft plywood on the bedsides and put banners on the plywood to make it look like a billboard, then park it around town. so i was thinking about putting ‘we clean windows’ at the top and ‘call 619-555-5555 for your free estimate’ below. do you think anything else should be on the sign? thanks

I like that!

You might also say: Hey You - Isn’t it about time for your new look too? Let our professional window cleaners restore your view! - [Poetic]

We have yard signs we put out while working. Sometimes if the neighborhood permits
we leave them for up to a week.

Ours states “WINDOW CLEANING”.

We use the name of our company…We Wash Windows

I for get who said it, but how about "We can make your glass disappear!"
Andy Engstrom patented “Got Dirty Windows?” but how about "Got clean windows?"