Catchy subject title contest

The Reward-
A lifetime holder of the catchy subject title heavy weight belt.

The Contest-
I am about to send out an email to many realitors and try to persued them to use my services for homes they are selling.

When you first get an email it tells you who it’s from and the subject.
What subject title would get their attention, make them want to read more.

This is crucial because as they read, it will determine whether it goes to the junk box or deleted.
What is more important, that they open it and keep reading and like what they hear and see.

All comments are appreciated. :slight_smile:

Ding Ding Round 1

“Rolex Watches, Bigger Dick, Ciali$, V1agra, Cheap L0ans”

Those seem to be the most popular spam subject lines that abound…

I don’t know why this subject ended up in the wrong forum.

One good thing about this is these realitors all give you their personal email addresses. They want you to contact them. Who know’s, as long as homes have been sitting on the shelf in this slow economy maybe it’s time to brighten them up.
This book I have is local and has 80 pages I cant go wrong trying.

Thanks for fixing the forum title for me. opps

I tried this last year but in smaller numbers.

The subject line was “Window Cleaning For Final Home Staging”

Then the e-mail started like this:

[I]Because the view outside is just as important.

Hi, my name is Mark from Beautiful View and I would like to offer my window cleaning services to either you or directly to your clients. The next time you boast about the scenic view of your clients home, I want you to take a closer look at those windows. Is there room for improvement?

For as little as…[/I]

I sent these out to Realtors and Home Staging companies. I got maybe one realtor and about 8 Home Staging companies interested. In the end I got 2 jobs out of it. Spent maybe 3 hrs sending out the e-mails.

As llaczko has hinted towards, this is basically spam e-mail and most will see it as such. I now use a different approach. As I browse Realtors web sites, I get to know more about them and the type of clients they represent. If I feel that they are the type of professional I would like to get connected with then I contact them and make a more personal appeal. As a result I form relationships in a more professional manner and it’s landing me more work in the long run.

“Your open house this Saturday”

That’s my entry.

Are Saturdays normally open house day’s?

“I can sell your propertys” or “Tip for selling your houses”.

“Your open house this Saturday” … I like that!!! I would just change Saturday to this Weekend… but I really do think that would get the realtors opening the emails. I may just try it out for myself.

“I am looking for a house…”

Thats my entry for the title.

“I’m looking for a house…” has some potential too.

I’m looking for a house…
- I can help you sell by…
- that’s been on the market for a while and could be
brightened up to catch someones eye with a professional
window cleaning and/or power washing

gears are turning

"Do your windows shout “WELL MAINTAINED HOME”!? My .02 cents

Sooo…when does this contest end?

The contest ends when I’m at the bank depositing all those checks. hehe.
On the 7th of April I sent out to 10 realtors with the subject title “tips to help sell your houses” no bites yet. I think they are all worth a fair shot. The next one will be “about your open house this weekend” If any body else is trying this please post your results, Thanks:)

Thought I would give you a peek of the belt. Although I enjoy goofing off some, I have appreciated your serious ideas. I’ll update you on my success.

Chris Cassidy
Clearview Window & Blind Cleaningchampion.pdf (625 KB)

I’m still waiting for my belt!! Or at least a piece of rope to hold my britches up!