Caulking Warranty

Anyone done any substantial caulking jobs that were warrantied?

What if any future probs arose, and how long of a guaranty do you give?

Thx gents.

Thats a good question [MENTION=4818]honoluluwindow[/MENTION]. I wish I could help. Maybe [MENTION=3270]joe hoesch[/MENTION] can help I remember a while back he was talking about

a large job he was doing or quoting on caulking (not sure for removal or installation).

But maybe he can answer you question.

Heres the link: Redirect Notice

just put caulking in the search button.

I did not start that job yet. But I did do a four-story caulking job that I caulked right over the old caulk because the guy told me too. I went with a flat rate per day with that job. But the big job I’m doing soon is 30,000 with 411- 4’ x 2 1/2 units…hope it goes well. I’m ready to throw down after this long winter of chillin

The warranty thing…I’m not a glazing company. So, no way. The caulking jobs that I’ve done are in a Union City. So I know I’m saving them thousands by actually working all day and not sitting around reading the newspaper. But I would offer to take pictures of each window that was caulked.

Thanks for getting to this thread [MENTION=3270]joe hoesch[/MENTION].

Good luck on the big job, let us know how it goes.

Thx Joe.
I’ll consider the union cost savings

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I finished that cualk job mid July & averaged over $1,000.00 per man day.
it was really tuff oscillating the cualk out in the chair. After the second week we were conditioned for ww-3
everything else seems easier to do after that monster job.

Caulked some pecker holes offa 40’ the other day too, heard some of the last squeaks from the baby peckers while I sealed em in. Poor peckers lol