CCU Inspection reports

Who here has done a CCU report for the owner? We have done a few and have already noticed broken, cracked, fogged, et all, “new” windows that the owner was unaware of.

If you do a report, do you make it a pre/post style or just a final report?

  • We do a report
  • Why do a report?
  • We have, but seldom useful

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It only makes sense with a job with “brand new” windows that we all know can and do get damages during the building process. It is not any different than what I do for an initial clean on a new client. Do my walk-around, taking notes of specific issues and pictures. Share with client before I even start. This will save you a lot of grief after the job is done either CCU or older windows, as the client will not be coming after you for damage they just didn’t notice before.

I only do them for large residential CCU’s, as in multi unit. Never have done them for single family homes, the builders I worked with in the past always had their own punch list. On larger jobs, that same punchlist ends up with the stuff we’re responsible for going un-noticed unless it busts’ your eye out when you walk in the room.

I do it mainly to save my back side, in case of things being blamed on me (us). Also, if there are an abnormal amount of scratchs (depending on who the super or foreman is and what they care about) I’ll take a dry erase board marker and circle the scratchs. They wipe right off easily.

Or, you can just never ever do CCU. That’s my policy.

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Scratches wipe off?

Lol, no.
The dry eraser board markers. You know those white boards you use markers on that wipe off with your finger? I use the markers on the glass to point them out if its needed.

Lol I was going to say man I’m gonna start a scratch removal business and have tons of profit.

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