CCU on 1200 french panes?

I’ve never done a CCU before…not an entire house anyway. How much time would this take?

  • ~140 windows of which about 100 are casements, 30 are transoms, and 10 are misc. doors and such
  • Each window is true divide – casements have an average of 10 panes, doors and casements are 4-6 each
  • [B]In total, easily 1200 french panes
  • [/B]No ladder access problems, some third story work on 10 casements or so but nothing major.
  • Completely covered in manufacturer stickers on the inside, some on outside, on each individual pane
  • Let’s say a 3 man crew

Here’s a pic for an idea…took it on an iPad so it’s not the greatest.


Probably around 35 man-hours. Check the windows in the sun. If the house has been sitting for any length of time, the plastic might be brittle and you may have to scrape it off.

That house visits me in my nightmares sometimes!

I don’t do much CCU and the few I have done with french panes had excessive amounts of silicone which made the french panes a royal pain.

Time wise I would say it would take at [U]least[/U] 3 times longer than a maintenance clean?

EDIT: I thought I should also mention that these days I wouldn’t touch that house with a 30 ft. Telescopic pole!

Our standard CCU is 2-3 times our regular pricing. We don’t do much CCU anymore as we priced ourselves away from it. This job I would think would be 4-5 man days without seeing the back. I would not be afraid to ask $2,500 or $3,000. This job will be harder than you know. You are dealing with tempered glass and scratching the glass is a very real danger on this. You have to pre wash everything to clean it of construction debri and you could still be in a world of hurt. Get paid well whatever you decide.

If this is for the builder I’d walk away. If its for the owner I would consider doing it. Builders are notorious for not paying and if you haven’t done work with the builder in the past at minimum have a contract written with at least 20% paid before starting. You still may get stuck though.

These jobs are generally a nightmare just like Streaker said. Lol


everything he said plus “run Taylon, run!” (forest gump reference)

its worth checking out, counting up, talking to the builder, but french panes and fab debris and those french panes look covered in paint = bad bad bad news

let some min wage laborer ruin the glass and the builder and the owner go back and forth and then you swoop in a year from now and get a nice clean service

I just turned down a custom home with a load of temepered sliding doors all across the back of the house, pass

the liabilities are so high these days with scratched glass issues, scratches you may or may not have done but getting blamed for anyway, getting paid on time if at all, the builder nit picking you ad nauseum and no one wanting to pay more than min wage it’s just ridikulous anymore.

I just blame the stucco guys and happily scratch away

$2 per pane and a very clearly worded FD waiver.

I wouldn’t even touch it. That is a nightmare. We did one kind of like this ONCE. It is the most miserable work ever.

don’t forget about the builder’s deadline and procrastination now becoming yours, hurry hurry, hurry!!! What do you mean tomorrow!!!

Blame the stucco guys and scratch away needs to be cast in bronze and put above someone’s desk. That has to be the funniest thing I have read for!!! That’s about it too! If you had more experience you would know not even to think about it. That job is bad news on so many levels it is better to get a good job elsewhere. There too much work to be had to deal with a job like that. Run Forest Run…

Taylon, the other guys are probably right, unfortunately.

You need to price it at upwards of $1 per pane per side to make it worth it (hassle and liability). That’s gonna break down to over $2400, like others have said. And in my market anyway, those tend to go to the minimum wage types… Who will likely do it for $800 and take 4-5 days.

  1. educate strongly on FD.
  2. present yourself as the “professional alternative” to the hacks (literally).
  3. Price it at $3200, and if you land it you won’t hate yourself.

Or, walk away. Not much middle ground for me.

My gut reaction price was no way for under $4000+, so that was close… I was either going to submit something high, or pass, and I think we’ll pass.

Sorry you guys had to learn the hard way…but thanks for keeping me from it!

Funny thing is… a year ago this week I started a CCU job in an almost identical house… and it caused me to go ahead and buy my first waterfed pole and tank… which was exactly one year ago tomorrow :slight_smile:

Had to look in my paperwork for that lol

I have a similar situation. This house is 2 years old. The CCU is done. I’m just not sure how to price it. Most outside windows will need addition TLC/Steel wool!
PHIL%201|690x287 I have a question and I was wondering the best way to get in touch with you. Well actually here it is. I just got a chance to bid on a really big house. It is relatively new, They have actual separately paned windows. Not the fake grids. so a typical Double Hung is 9 panes on top and 9 on the bottom…I am new to the window washing business. I have NO IDEA how to price these out. I tried timing myself with my plastic grids and seeing how much longer it takes…but that was a flawed attempt at science. This could be a huge deal…or a huge pain in the Glass. Any help,or advice would be greatly appreciated.