I’m assuming after reading some posts, that CCU is window cleaning for newly built homes, correct? If so, how much extra do you guys charge?

At least double the regular price, if not more. The extra time, products, man power, and care that goes into a CCU is more than justifiable for double your typical residential window cleaning price.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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I agree with Mike, 2x regular charge would be a good starting point. If possible, examine all windows and note any issues that you will need to address and adjust pricing accordingly.
Last week I did a CCU for a regular commercial customer and it took 2.1/2 days on windows that could be done in 1 day for a standard clean. Lots of dirt, dust, some paint, stickers, and some concrete splatter. Great regular customer, did not need a quote, just do the job at your standard hourly rate. They put a check in the mail the day after I emailed the invoice. I love a great customer.


Had to do some research on this one myself, as I am new. Didn’t know what the acronym meant. CCU= Construction Clean Up

As a new guy, I’m terrified of fabrication debris on CCU. As some stuff looks like it will require a razor.

I’m on a 7 story Construction Clean Up right now. Interiors only. AND I HATE IT.
It just never ends…

so many windows…
so many people messing up the window I just cleaned…
the day just never ends…my head still feels the hard hat and I’ve been home for 3 hours…
my feet are killing me, I can hear the beep beep beep in my head from the stupid scissor lift…
…and the “you’re not finished yet? my tile guys need that area…” from the super who knows that I just got to that area an hour before that.

To answer your question original poster:
I don’t have a formula for you because each CCU is different. In my experience, someone is getting screwed if that formula is being used unless there are some factors that can change that price.

The state of cleanliness of the glass and frames or whatever surface is going to be cleaned will change from the time an estimate is given to when the work begins in most cases, and usually for the worse.

So, what has worked for me is if I have no idea how long it will take me to finish the job, I will clean the fililthies and hardest to get to window and time it. Then I give the estimate based on how long the job should take.