CEO pitch help

Hello! I’ve been put in a weird predicament so I figured I’d see if any of you could provide advice to how I should proceed forward.

I received a call in early March from a corporation looking to have their large storefront at one of their locations serviced. We exchanged our initial paperwork & I got them scheduled / serviced toward the end of March.
I sent over the invoice to the corporate contact that handled the entire process to which I received no response.

After 3 weeks & 2 follow up emails, I received a reply from the CEO of this corporation informing me that she’s been terminated and he’s overseeing her tasks for now. He talked to accounting & sent over a vendor remittance but I didn’t get the chance to seal the deal with our “maintenance program”. So I’m asking…

Should I pursue getting on them on schedule with the reply I’m going to email him?

Or just continue servicing then billing accordingly?

This is my first time handling a client like this & I don’t want to sit on my hands while a good opportunity goes to waste. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

If I did not have a contract I would ask.

But that is just me.

Seal the deal before any more cleaning…