Chalkiness on Old Wood?


So I have a residential customer that is asking about me doing a house for them. I quoted the house windows, mostly all french windowpanes…of course…but they also want the driveway and the house to be power washed. The paint on the outside is old, which I know they would need a soft wash, it looks kind of chalky. This is wood, not vinyl.

Any suggestions?

Is the paint chipping/flaking off?What type of paint is it?
If the paint is already flaking off i would nt recommend power washing as it will just send those flakes flying everywhere!Chalky?Sounds like old fillers or caulk.I would either suggest your customer to softwash or get a painter in if the paint is old and flaking off.

Basically it looks like it could just be dirt on old paint. I’m thinking a really low soft wash.

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Wipe down a small test area with a wet cloth and see if anything comes off.