Chamois VS Scrim

I have been using a sheepskin leather chamois for detailing windows since I started out in '97.

Since discovering the Liquidator last year, I hardly use the chamois to the point where it dries out on the Dangerous Dave’s bull ring hanging on my belt… I still need to have it on me though because of the occasional line, drip or missed edge or corner. Obviously.

Does anyone have similar issue, does anyone out there still use chamois? Maybe it would be better if I moved onto a scrim because it works well dry, unlike a chamois

I’ve never used chamois for window cleaning, but I do use scrim regularly now. It works well both damp and dry, in my opinion; so that may be a good option for you.


Ok thanks.


“microfibre” is a very misleading answer as microfibre is not all the same and many microfibre cloths are absolutely useless for water absorbtion…like the 48 i gave to my dog as chew toys.
do you have a specific name and manufacturer?

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if you only use a chamois occassionally don’t keep it on a ring, stuff it in a belt pocket, a plastic pouch, something to stop it evaporating so quickly


I don’t we have used many different types and have phased out all other type of rags-towels,etc including the blue medical hucks we liked for well over a decade.

I agree not as useful for mop up that is where the good old bath towel comes into play-we use the micro for dry touchups with no residue……Im also old school use a sea sponge to wipe all sills ledges and wet in cutout lites!

SCRIM. !!! I have gotten rid of all other wiping implements


Thats good, since you have a life time supply!

The scrim is definitely beastly once broken in. They don’t seek water as much as suck water when touched.


Thanks for the recommendations, everyone. I’ve been using huck towels almost exclusively for 15 years and just ordered a scrim towel and a sea sponge, thanks to your reviews.

Ralph Echtinaw
I Feel Your Pane
St. Louis, Michigan

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Can you please post back here after you’ve used the scrim and sponge for awhile? It is so good to hear what guys are finding. I am also going to buy these items in my next tools order.

I find that the chamois dries up on my belt now that the Liquidator squeegee has minimized detailing to the odd drip or spot. Good luck trying to detail a minor water mark with a crusty piece of sheep skin LoL! The scrim works dry or damp so big bonus there… looking forward to it mightily.