I’d like to generate some dialog about these. I know some speak of scrims…and I am unsure what a scrim really is.

I also know I used to use a ton of hucks…and now way less…and it is a result of the chamois. anyone else use one?

I am also seeing how using one has retrained my eyes to look for things…quality wise…i used to over-look. odd.

Scrim is Irish linen, a little like sack-cloth but not as course. Its water retention & drying out abilities are really good. It rarely leaves lint & you can probably get away with using one a day for detailing, more if you are wiping sills.

I just saw an infomercial for a product called ShamWow. It looked interesting. Wonder if it’s like a real chamois?

It’s not:

Thanks Larry I thought as much! May need to get a chamois and compare it w/ the scrim Karl is sending me.

The only difference is ‘synthetics’. The ‘action’ is the same. So are the results.

Which items are you comparing? The ShamWow and chamois or the scrim and the chamois? I’m assuming the first set.


shamwow and chamois.

Just got my scrim today. Thanks Karl I can’t wait to try it tomorrow!:wink:

pleeze keeeep us posted

Definitely… I am eager to try out some scrim.

I’m getting some more in soon. Trouble is you have to break them in. The scrim has been personally broken in by me - so they are ready for use from when you get the packet. When you get them new even the grade A pre-washed ones need a good month breaking in period & a couple or more washes before they are ready for action. I think that’s why new comers to the trade don’t like them. I’d also like to add - they are not as good as they used to be 10 years a go, but still my fluff of choice.

Some tips Tony:
Wash on hot with minimum soap & drip dry. You will see that scrim has a longer life than anything else out there. Some of my scrim is 10 years old & a little thin but still does the job although gets wetter quicker. Use the front belt loop & let it hang loose, it dries as you walk about. Soon you will get used to tucking it in your loop with a one hand motion - even quicker than those clips you see. Double it up & use 1 or 2 fingers for a one pass clean up the frame (depending on meat on fingers). As you can see its very large - to stop the drag on the window when wiping up high, I have a knack of letting it run down the back of my arm or elbow. No more reaching - double it up & use it on the end of the squeegee/pole for a one pass clean (takes practise). This can also be utilised from inside to clean the outside of the window - no more going outside to touch up a half inch smear 3 foot away & still hold on to the scrim. You will also find that you can remove insect spots & adhesive with a little extra pressure as the weave is fashioned to pick this up quite easily.
When travelling to the next job - it can be hung out the window & close the truck window or trapped in the door when closing the truck door - it will be dry when you arrive at the next job.
Can’t think of any more for now - let me know how you get on?

i love those commercials. that guy is great. whats with the earpiece?

Great tips Karl. I’ll be sure to post my experience as I’m doing a big CCU this next week on that Green rated house I posted on. Should give it a workout!:wink:

I used a chamois for about 17 years , just recently changed to microfibres as the quality of chamois available now is terrible
The great thing about a chamois is that you can wash it and wring it out on the job , one good whack and your back to work

wow…and I like em now. imagine what i’d be like with one of those old ones!

We’re still talking about chamois’ right Phil?:eek:

DUDE! I had to read your post twice…half way through the second read…it hit me.

THAT was funny!

I know this is a serious tip…but it gave me a visual. I want one just to do this :slight_smile:

Chris…you guys getting some scrims?