Chandelier cleaner/cleaning

Need help with a customers 5 chandeliers. They have been neglected for years and now has sediment from dust galore!! Everyone who cleans for these clients have backed away from cleaning these. I presently do glass work for this customer and they trust and leave me alone in this mansion so I have a good relationship. This would be a very time consuming endeavor but not unmanageable.
At this point, the crystal will have to be wiped initially but was thinking for maintenance later on.
Does anyone know of a cleaning solution that could be sprayed on and left to dry without residue and minimal labor/risk.
Also, any clue on pricing due to the risk? My time is the easy part to bid and believe it necessary to get paid for the risk involved.

I have used both Sprayway foaming cleaner or a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and DI water to clean chandeliers. It takes some time to do the job properly and you should charge accordingly.

I have used chandelier cleaner which you can get at a home improvement store’s electrical dept. You spray it on and the dirt drips right off the crystals. It can be messy, so spread towels on the floor to catch the drips. The crystals will air dry, so you don’t have to dry them by hand. try not to get any in the light sockets. the sockets will take longer to dry. If there are any cups under the sockets, you might have to wipe these by hand. I usually charge anywhere from $25 to $75, depending on the size of the chandelier.

I do the same as Bob at around the same rate. Works well and doesn’t take much time. My customers have always been happy.

So is the build up of dust coming off due too spray pressure, and you start at the top and spray down. Or just spray on and let sit ?? I was always told (years back) that the spray stuff didn’t work. So some I did clean by hand and wasn’t too bad, then most I blew off (doing the job)
My point is they are every where today and if the cleaning products have improved I want the information on what you guys and gals are using.
Thanks DW

the spray on product name would be helpfull…

My local Ace Hardware store sells Hagerty® Chandelier Cleaner.

I use a product called “Extend a Finish” by Easy Care Products Inc.

Is it sold in local stores or Amazon type stores. I did google it, didn’t see like home depot or anything like that.:confused:

With any products you use make sure of the finish on the chandelier. Some of the brass can have a lacquer finish and if it is cracking because of the heat you can end up w/ other problems. Our at the very least speed up the cracking of the finish. In those situations I hand clean the brass.

Got ya one that, seen that before. Great tip

The bottle it comes in is a squeeze trigger pump spray. The pressure from the spray does not knock the dust off. The main ingredient is a wetting agent which makes the surface of the fixture super slippery. The dust just flows off with the excess fluid.

I’ve used both Extend a Finish and Hagerty. The last bottle I bought was from Home Depot (Hagerty).

Take some photos of the chandeliers. get permission to do so and give them the photos for their records once your done. Pricing: if you could get a photo posted then I would be able to get a price for you. I’ve done them anywhere from $55 to $475 for a chandelier. The last big one I did requirede a single man lift to go up 24’ on marble floors. I had to bring in 3 4x8 3/4" plywood and some blankets to pad the floor then lay the plywood on top of them. The cost of the lift for a day, delivery and pickup was $170. this was added to the job. They loved the work and the chandeliets hadn’t been cleaned in 14 years or more.
Being that this is a manson and they trust you. then tell them you are able to do the job and it will require xxx amount of time and the price should be around xxxx $$$. they want it done and you want the job that no other company wanted to deal with.

Great information, the smart people today turn a key and it comes down too the floor for maintenance. Them I have been cleaning and been spoiled.:smiley:

when i clean chandeliers, if they are able to be taken a part, we take them apart. 1 person disassembling & handing me down the pieces, washing, drying then reassemble. I always take digital pic b4 taking apart, you wont (or at least I wont) remember how it looked originally. They may end up with a completely different looking chandelier.:confused: I start at $75.00. It is very timeconsuming. I use dawn & h2o.