Chandelier Cleaning Project for the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Columbus Ohio

Did you take each piece down individually and b hand wash it?

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We don’t do as much chandelier cleaning as we want to yet. It makes up about 10% of our business. I have not aggressively marketed it much yet. I have gone in person to a few places that exclusively sell light fixtures and got to know the sells persons. Doing this, I got to find out if there was a need being mentioned from their clients, also if they were already referring somebody out for this type of work, Then I found a slow time to share our before and after picture gallery on our website to build their confidence in referring us out. We want them to feel that we will make them look good as their “go to” chandelier cleaners. I have a few other ideas that I will implement this fall that will expose us more to this clientele. The chandeliers on this post are cleaned annually. They have mentioned going twice a year. As far as pricing goes, I no longer “upsize” price chandeliers. They are more dangerous and more detailed to do than windows. (in general) We take the crystals or panels down as often as we are able. I have found cleaning the frame/crystals with crystals in place swinging around is risky and doesn’t do as good a job. As with window cleaning we have a minimum charge to come out. The same with chandeliers. Half day chandelier job = half day wages. Full day= full days wages.

Our biggest chandelier job was $7600 in a home.