Chandelier cleaning

Looking for some input on pricing this glass chandelier in the picture below. I am thinking about charging a hourly rate due to the fact I have no idea how long it’s going to take me. The piece is worth about 15000.

My method would be a bucket of pure water with alcohol and some type of cloth gloves. Drip dry on a towel. I suppose I would bring a sleeping bag for my drop cloth.

I rarely ask these type of questions. looking for a little help because it’s something that I don’t do daily. any and all replies are appreciated.

That looks like a somewhat difficult one, or at least tedious with all of the twists. I use Sprayway and a couple of huck towels. Gloves are a good choice too as sometimes just some swiping of the finger with Sprayway is easy enough. I think base price of $65.00 then go up from there depending on difficulty and hourly rate you expect. Different regions get different pricing too. I understand using a sleeping bag for cushion if a piece falls, but something a little more professional looking, or even a quilt or two from the second hand store. Makes it look like you put some thought into it.

To do the job right I would have to remove each piece individually the silver balls are threaded which attach to the flexible stems.

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Put a piece of tape on your starting point and work your way around. When you reach the tape your done. Determine how much from your “base price.”

I was thinking about $95 per hour 3hr minimum

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Google chandelier cleaning drip formula. There us a mix that you can make and spray it on and it pulls all the dirt and dust down with it. Put plastic and newspaper underneath er. Coffee filters r the best no lint small enough to Handle in your hand and not catch it on something else. I WOULD NOT TAKE THIS APART. REPEAT DO NOT TAKE THIS APART. if they want you to take it apart and put back together it’s $1,000. Ask them how much 1 broken piece of glass is to replace. Can they get a replacement piece? Will ur insurance cover u if u FUBAR thier chandler. I’m thinking $500 to $600. If they take responsibility for broken glass then $250

I agree with everything you have to say. Replacement is about 1500 per piece. It just seems easier and better quality work if I take it apart. it has not been cleaned over 10 years plus years. Sounds like you know what you’re talking about. I do not think this customer would have a problem paying $1,000

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Dang 15 G’s for that? Some people have more money than brains…

The way I look at this they ain’t paying you to clean the chandler . They are paying you not to break it. And you need to cover your a’s because if 1 piece break your Fuc?ed big time. Is u r insurance covering it or does it come out of your pocket. Do u need a special insurance add on just for this. If they ask you why you are charging so much punch them both in the mouth and ask them why they bought a $15,000 chandelier. I had a home server all moths back over a million dollars in bronze statues, marble and art work all around the windows I told them we wouldn’t do the insides unless everything was moved ahead of time.

In agreement right now with dexter… Yo up that insurance plan pal…

Thx dexter

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Don’t overthink the process of cleaning it. With a steady hand these are super easy to clean, just hand wipe it with whatever solution you feel comfortable with. I would charge $200 with a liability waiver and $1000 with no liability waiver.

Good call Dexter!

Up to 10% of the actual chandelier cost works well as the cleaning price for me.

Fifteen hundred a piece?
Eh Nahhh…

If so, I’m first glance estimating that light anywhere between $35k and $50k
And it just ain’t THAT impressive.

Are you sure about those numbers? :confused:

I’m not calling anyone out… Just talkin.

And kudos to Garry, I’m a big fan of the soft glove/polish thing. :cool:

No I’m not sure. Sorry your not impressed. Yes, 1500 a piece. she purchased at a auction for 15g so I was told.

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Looks like a chihuly and I don’t doubt those numbers at all.

Personally I wouldn’t touch it with a 100 foot pole. But I guess it depends on how confident you are and how bad you need the work.

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A Cthulhu? Certainly looks like it.

But yeah, we all want to do every job that comes our way, but just make sure you’re covered and/or you have care/custody/control insurance on that sucker.

If it was me and I liked the feel of the job, I’d get a couple of little giants, zip tie a movers blanket to the legs as a net just in case but you’ll probably be better off not taking it apart because if a piece breaks, I doubt superglue will be acceptable to the homeowner.

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