Chandelier Cleaning

Most of the homes I service have a flat glass birdcage style of light fixture hanging in the foyer. I clean a lot of these and make a nice profit. I bring in my 12ft step (or 8ft), wet one huck towel with my solution, wet wipe it and then finish with a dry huck. I never have gotten a complaint. Quite the opposite, the customer is usually amazed at how clean I am able to get it. However, I was curious if anyone uses a different method, cleaner, tool or towel?

Thats sounds about like what I do.

What do you charge for those?

I charge $25

i spray a foam cleaner on glass in and out, use huck towel to wipe and sometimes a small paint stick w/towel wrapped round to reach inside corners that are hard to reach w/my hand. Someone on here gave me that idea. I start around $35. More elaborate lites I start at $75.00. Ive also been suggesting that they let me change all the bulbs while im up there.Just a small add on but, it usually works.

I start at $25 also, but I have gotten over $100 depending on the size. I would say the majority of the ones I clean are between $40 and $65.

We use either the spray foam cleaner or a 50/50 mix of Iso alcohol and DI water.
Our prices start at $35.

i always squeegee in & out

I wanna see you squeegee a chandelier!:eek:

yup spray and pray cleaner and a huck towel…client loves the results.

pay me and ill show you all day. most of the designs usually have a piece of glass that swings open like a door. i use that for the top and middle row then reach from under to do the bottom row. the i do the outside. i get better results than using a wet towel. customers are always impressed and very delighted.

Are you talking about a chandelier or a [URL=“”]lantern?

i just looked up the lantern image and it would be that style. all our customers refer to them as chandeliers.

mr. squeegee man, my apologies, i’ve NEVER squeegeed a chandelier.

You mean this style, correct? We’ll squeegee these types also, if the mood strikes us, or just use a spray foam cleaner.

thats exactly what i was referring to. like i said, customers around here refer to them as chandeliers.

Yeah, we always call them birdcage style chandeliers. I have also cleaned the outside with a squeegee, but my towel method seems faster and they always look great. To each his own. Thanks for all of the responses.

bird cages and lanterns vary in price(35-100)

low exterior lights are 5.00-35.00.

bauble chandeliers start at 60.00 and I charge 60/hr 1hr min.

as to cleaning

[B]Bird cages[/B] I use ammonia and water and wipe on, wipe dry

[B]Bauble chandeliers [/B]I use same solution, start at the top and spray as i rub each piece by hand to break up any build up and continue to bottom. Then I rinse with distiled water as it has no minerals in it and dries spot free (im not a DI person, I guess that would work too) I shake any crystal chains and wipe out bowls. Then I let it drip dry for 10-15 min and touch up any of the pendants. It sounds harder than it really is. I can usually do a normal dining room size in 20-35 min.

[B]Exterior lights[/B] are an entirely different story. because they are usually very nasty and when you spray them down they continue to drip out of crevices. I do what I call a dry clean on all but the very worst of them. I use a piece of 0000 steel wool and a dry huck towel. Basically, I polish the glass which will get rid of dried on bugs and dirt, then towel it off. I start with the outside so i can tell what I’m doing.

I use this method on leaded(architectural) glass as well. it’s usually twice as quick as the wet and dry. the key to both of these is it has to stay dry or it just smears and you will have to wet clean them.

That’s my technique.

What a great upgrade to sweeten an ext/int window cleaning premium package …instead of $ or % off coupons! I think I have seen others post about int. cobweb removal, ceiling fan cleaning and smoke alarm battery replacement too! What other upsells do you have?! You all are GENIUS!

There is a spray I learned about, but have never actually used. You spray it on chandelier, let it drip down onto a cloth onto the floor…and it takes all the grime off, leaving shiny and clean glass. It takes about two hours for it to work…although some need a second treatment if they’re really dirty. Google ‘chandelier cleaner’ and click on the option and then see the full description and user reviews.

I was just asked if I would be interested in cleaning 9 chandeliers. There are 3 Large ones that have 40 pieces of glass (that can be removed rather easily) and 6 smaller ones that have 28 pieces of glass. The lower end of each are about 13ft off the ground. Should I take each piece down to clean or clean them in place? What would you charge for each chandelier? I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on this job.

How much u wanna make per hour?

You’re gonna have to take those down and clean them.

I usually charge $60/hour, how long do you think it would take to clean each one?

It should take u 2-4. I don’t know how fast u work.

U using a boom or an a-frame?

Either way I would not bring each piece all the way down to the ground unless u do it all at the same time. Otherwise just work one at a time. Bring a clamp-able bucket to hold tools to the ladder or boom. Put wide carpeting or pads below the chandelier. Don’t rotate the chandelier. And keep it turned off until periodic inspections. You may want to use a small app and squeegee. Clean bulbs and non glass surfaces as you go. Everything should be done top to bottom.

This is not how to clean ever type of chandelier, just these ones with flat glass.