Chandeliers or no Chandeliers?

I have been considering dropping cleaning Chandeliers. Does anyone else refuse chandeliers or have quit doing them after offering the service and if so how has it affected your business? Have you lost many customers because of it?

When I first started out I would offer chandelier cleaning as a filler for slow times. I really only did a few, so I didn’t lose a whole lot. Its just way to time consuming and the risk of damaging a light was not worth it. I still may wipe down a ceiling fan, but thats about it.

Yep hate them and won’t do them anymore…

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I’ve always hated doing them. I price them higher now to compensate for the hatred of doing them.

I would love to drop them. It just makes me nervous because I have been doing them for 20 years and a lot of my customers have them and want them done. I don’t know if it would effect them using me or not.

Can’t you find a guy in your area that does them an sub them lol at 60-70%
Hell I would even give himybe job as long as you knew he is exceptional
I have a guy I give all my roof cleaning to, an gutter cleaning no charge. Just do it !!

He gets me Windiw Cleanjng work , But ii definitely exceeded him with the work given. But doesn’t bother me one bit.

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I reluctantly did chandeliers for a number of years, until I came upon this bad boy, only taller.

I was on a stepladder reaching through that stupid little door on the side and as it turned a hair the whole thing fell out of the ceiling, nearly cutting my fingers off in the process. Only the electric cord kept it from falling to the ground, I should have let it go. We estimated it weighed 60 pounds.

That, and a couple minor mishaps with crystals falling off and I decided it wasn’t worth it anymore.

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Lucky it didn’t slice up your hand and explode all over the the floor. Scary for sure! I turn them down 99% of the time, so I don’t even know what to charge for chandeliers. Just out of curiosity, what would you charge for one like that?

Personally, I always feel like I dont do a good enough job, to charge/accept them.

That, and to be honest, I dont trust the one who installed them.
(like roofers aftermath when we clean gutters… you never know what the heck is going on ‘up there’)

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This was one in a home i did today. I would definitely charge a week of labor for this one.


It’s been years, but I think the guy I was 1099 for charged $80. Maybe.

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I’ve done some similar ones. If you charge right it’s good money. I would just rather clean windows. I’m on the fence about it. I’ll probably keep doing them.

I thought I was an expert at cleaning chandeliers. That one’s scary. Would you just glove up and hand rub that, spray it…what? Nope, wasn’t scared, I’ll clean anything…but man, that looks fragile. So…do designers even think about cleaning stuff like that? Now I gotta google how to clean a waterfall chandelier…I gotta know. Yup, I would want 500 bucks to touch that one.

I’ve used a spray and done them by hand as well. When doing them by hand you just have to work steady and know that although it seems like it may take forever you will get it done. I generally take it in sections so you can see your progress.

As for being fragile it depends on how it’s made. Some come apart easy and others are very well built and don’t come apart easy. I use several moving blankets to pad the floor in case a crystal comes off.

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I have done chandeliers in the past. I stopped doing them years ago. There are so many things that can go wrong cleaning one. I was always so nervous cleaning them.

The less stress the better! I stick to cleaning windows

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I definitely don’t advertise that I do chandeliers but will do them if asked. Nothing more than a wipe down though. If they want a deep clean, I will decline.

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I did run into a family that had this crazy shit, where you sprayed the pieces, and it drip dried.
They had newspapers all OVER the floor.

Supposedly it just dripped
Maybe/maybe not… Im just glad I wasn’t involved.

I’ve got a client that wants the waterfall chandeleir done. I respectfully said no thanks. Are there guys that just do chandeliers? I have 4 clients I will no longer be servicing chandeliers and one of them dropped me for that reason…oh well.

I don’t think that people who have those realize what it takes to clean them and how fragile some can be. Spider webbing is hard to get all off and accumulated dust, bug dirt, and airborne debris along with airborne cooking oils that wafts through the house collects up there too. Some people specialize in chandelier cleaning and it is rather involved. Cheap out and you get cheap.

got rid of chandeliers, changing high light bulbs, gutter cleaning.

i clean exterior windows, interior, screens and tracks.

Chandelier cleaning is my favorite thing to do. It just takes a lot of patience!