Changed FB Personal to Business..Ooops

Well today I was updating some ads and doing some social media stuff.

So I thought it would be crafty to add a business page, and to make a long story short.

I hit the buttons to transfer my data from personal to business lost my friend ,groups,chat and I dont know what else.

Some how all my friends became likes…I dont get it. And my personal page is GONE.

So i guess my question is can i get any of it back or should I ask you guys to LIKE my page and move on???


I knew you would be the first to respond Ben…LOL

So does anyone have any ideas…I know theres got to be some FB guys here…besides —.

There might be but Ben seems like the best one to ask. I look at his facebook page the other day and it really inspired me to start focusing on mine. The whole facebook for business thing did not make much sense to me until I saw his page then it clicked. Nice job Ben :wink:

Thanks for the input [MENTION=1783]whatapane[/MENTION].

I got the help with my facebook oops…

[MENTION=10884]Ben[/MENTION] I’m happy to hear you were able to inspire someone.

how switch the account?
where in settings you have that option?

Some how i found the option to merge personal page to facebook page/business page.
I was lead to believe if you merge the two you could benefit from it and all your personal info would transfer over
but that was far from what happened to me. But I had my son fix the issue got to love have a tech guy around. [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=5][COLOR="#0000CD"]DELETE PAGE[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]…LOL

But that being said FB is a time waster in my opinion and does not generate as much work as a well designed website with good SEO.

Just like a website a fan page has to be constantly changed or updated. They both take a lot of time and effort.

Go to YouTube and check out videos on how to make a fan page a business page
Once set up send updates and check ins to it
Timely to set up
Easy to update


I no expert but I’m gonna say you messed up somewhere. :slight_smile:

Like always…:cool: