Changing names

I was thinking of making a name change and wondering if anyone has changed their business name. I would think from a businesss perspective if most of your business already is repeat and has your number then a new name could generate some bites. Any ideas? Thanks

I did it and had no problems. I sent my new info to all of my accounts and it went through smoothly.

Out of curiosity, what’s motivating you to change the name?

I thought about it as well. Now that I do pressure washing and screen repair in addition to window cleaning, a ‘services’ name sounds more appropriate.

DC Brock Services, LLC

Has a nice ring to it.

If you’ve already got an LLC, registering a new DBA for it should be a super simple process. (Though you don’t get to put that fancy LLC after a DBA name :man_shrugging: )

Our legal entity is Infinity Maintenance Services, Inc. But 99.8% of our customers still know us as just Infinity Cleaning. The .2% are the accountants and property managers who get to see our w9. Or the occasional business-owner customer that I get chatting specifics with.

From a marketing and branding standpoint, it is a great idea.
A new name means Fresh Branding a fresh logo, etc.
You can chalk it up to significant business growth / expansion, etc.

Even though companies that are large don’t typically change their name, they are very often rebranding to create new buzz.

It also gives you an opportunity to reach out to existing clients to just let them know (which can result in on the spot quote requests, inpulse scheduling, etc.).

“Hey Janice, this is Kevin from Brass Squeegee. I don’t want to bother you, but I am making it a point to call up all of our of our customers know that we have recently rebranded under a different name. I didn’t want you to be confused in case you get any information or special coupons from me under a different name”…etc etc.