Changing Rubber

I love using Ettore channels, but I have difficulties when I need to replace the rubber. Obviously it’s an easy system when the channel and clips are new, but after I’ve used them for a while I have a hard time getting the clips to slide out. Any suggestions?

You can either get replacement clips, if they are in bad shape, or I find that grabbing the rubber with a detailing towel makes it easier to pull them out.

Yeah be sure to replace your clips every now and then. It does make a difference.

Sometimes if you get a flat head screwdriver an spread the ends of the channel that helps. Not to much though. Easy !!!
New clips once I’m a while helps, but ya I her ya back in the days I use to battle , because my cheap ass boss never gave anything new.
It was a battle just to get rubbers , an soap or WWF.
You could also use a small flat head to push out the clips. Watch your hand though. :man_facepalming:

I remember times they would get stuck an I would pull the runner right through the channel an the clip would be in the middle. No big deal a screw driver gets it right out. Yup nothing like 20 degrees an a clip giving you problems

Go sorbo problem solved !!!

Wow man ya bringing back memories. I’m telling ya switch to sorbo. Those clips suck.

This is a link in the store for the clips Ettore Brass Clips (12 pack) | Window Cleaning | WCR –

Thanks for the tip! I’ve been using a Sorbo channel this week and I’ve been really happy with it.

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I switched to the green plastic clips from Unger. No sticking.

And a cool bonus to those: you can cut them in half lengthwise, and make the perfect sized clips for the Liquidator channel

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