Charged $700 for doing a local HomeGoods storefront

Last year I cleaned the entry area and WFP the outside of a local homeGoods store. They Liked the work so much, I got a 5 star revew from the manager and have been called back to service another location. What did I use? Sorbo Channels with Contour pro+ handles for working with Ettore 3-section 9 ft. pole for the entry way. Xero pure with 40 ft… Xero Ultimate and Boars hair brushes with T-bar. 5 50 ft. hoses to reach water source. The Job was pretty elaborate as some windows were 30 ft high. The Job took about 3 hrs. Did I bid too high? What would you bid? Are we at similar price points? If you aren’t bidding similar or more, How much money are you missing out on?

It’s never too high if you get the job and keep the job.

good for you, I would imagine 200/hr would need to be a minimum for your area, and you did even better than that, congrats

Thanks. Them calling me back today was a boost. And… yes. If not working full-time, that is what is needed Part-time to live here.

Where are you located?

Was there a lot of scraping that had to be done ??

No Scraping.

lol thanks for the pictures. Makes me feel better. I cleaned one years ago. Didn’t get no where’s near that number, but it was no where near that size. I just look all over my area and none look like that.
I don’t think they clean regularly, so glad to see the number you got. I think it’s spot on. I mean I can’t see the entrance way. It looks like a lot of the inside is inaccessible.
Like matt says it all comes down to your close rate. You already know what you need to make , now it’s all about close rate.
I was at 55% last year. That kept me busy , that’s what it’s all about. If I went extremely lower in pricing my close rate would be 70% if I went extremely higher my close rate would be 30% give or take.
I have a friend who all he wants/needs is 20-30%. So his prices are high. He’s has a big built in reoccurring customer base. I don’t have that yet , but I have a good amount of reoccurring. Which is what it’s all about.

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If you need help in the future, we do help with pricing, just fill this out: What Would You Charge –

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