CHargine Per mile?

I’m curious to know if anyone here charges a certain fee for miles driven to work cite? Let’s say an account is 8 miles away, how many cents per mile do you include in the quote given to the business owner?

I never have, but if I did I would never let the customer know, I would just roll it into the price.


I don’t unless the job is over 30 minutes away. Then I google the address for mileage and figure my gas cost based on my MPG that my vehicle gets in order to add into the bill. I do not itemize that on the bill, I just show a complete price to get the job done.
Some jobs take ladders, some jobs take WFP, some jobs take creative measures, some jobs take MPG.

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If I have to travel more than 15 minutes I start to charge for my time and energy getting there and back.

I’ll go to the moon and back for you… And I will also charge accordingly.


But you’re charging for the calories consumed, not litres of petrol, right? :bike:


Ha ha you know it!

How many cents per mile do you charge?

I charge for my time as we don’t usually go further than 20 miles in each direction and our traveling expenses are extremely low (20 cents per day in electricity) so it’s more to compensate for time spent. I base my travel charge on my $/hr goal.

Here’s a picture of my latest build…


all jobs $20 travel fee, then after 20 minutes from home, $1 per minute roundtrip.

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