Cheap, Blanketing, Marketing

So I watched a little video the other day from WCR and they had an idea to go to a local business newspaper (which we have). You can have a flyer inserted into the paper for CHEAP! Well kinda. But get this, they run 10,000 copies for the local area. For them to print IN COLOR and insert it’s only $700.00 Another $300.00 to run it twice for a second month.
Anyone tried this? I like the idea of hitting a large audience of businesses, business owners and others who read it just for the heck of it. They all have homes too!

Hello Adrian,

Sadly the only way to find this out is to try it. Even then the results may
be skewed as your insert may not be good. Most of us just create any
old thing and toss it out there because it’s ‘cheap’.

Put a lot of effort into the insert and give it a try

Don’t try to do an all in one flyer (residential and commercial). These
are two totally different markets and their decisions are based
on different needs and wants.

Make sure you give them an offer they can’t refuse (not meaning you
should only offer discounts)

Great advice, Adrian.

Thanks Paul. I’m going to try out WCR’s flyer. They are made up and attractive. I’m just having trouble deciding on what kind of discount to offer. I’ve noticed other guys use a price for X amount of windows. Never tried it but I think I’m gonna give it a spin!

Make this on of your subjects if LA next week! :slight_smile: