Check this water sprayer out that i bought today spontaneously """ VIDEO "

This 1.5 Liter bottle sprayer is really fantastic … video was done in bad light will try and get a vid done tomorrow with it in action on glass… if people are interested … after ten pumps of the pump action this thing was really spewing the water out…and for a minute or too… the pressure stays in and i guess to wet down a window you need just a few seconds at most… so you could in effect spray quite a few windows without having to re -pump

this simple thing will help me with my job considerably for attacking the pollen which is pretty bad here where i am ., and delivering clean water when needed.

link doesn’t work

this is the link you tube gave me

Sorry, I think the vid is still loading. When I first clicked on it, it said the url was invalid…

the vid requested is not available

you might right. ime not so good with a computer even though i have an Imac… i still cant understand it…

the "gloria " looks to be an ace sprayer. i will get a couple for me and my lad . the pump up one is cool,unusual too

another great video !!!

how did you get to watch the video Jonny ?.. the gloria is good. really stable and sprays loads of glass quickly… great for wagtail use… but the other is IMO much better… spews loads of water can be set on jet or spray and delivers water for a surprisingly long time with out re-pumping

if the link does not work… ( i dont know why ) got to you tube type in peterpetersbng you should be able to see it then …

will get a video done in daylight hope fully tomorrow ! then you can see what i mean about its spraying ability


Matabi also makes, what seems to be an impressive, backpack sprayer.

[B]Matabi 12Ltr Elegance 18 Plus Electric Backpack Sprayer 8.30.48[/B]
This Electric Knapsack features a12 Ltr tank capacity, and has the ability of set controlled individual dosage
NB We currently only stock the Elegance 18 Plus and not the Elegance 18 , even though the following description, describes the features of both sprayers.
Two working options: continuous spray, with pressure regulation achieved via the green control, or dosified spray, by setting the black control to the timer position.
Variable pressure, from 0 to 5 bar (Elegance 18 plus) and from 0 to 3 bar (Elegance 18).
Battery protection by warning light. The pump will not operate until the battery is recharged.
12-volt battery which can be recharged at least 500 times and low consumption level.
Ergonomic tank, light and resistant, with a handle and lance hook to facilitate transport and storage.
Smooth operating handle which also works as a switch, fitted with an easy to clean filter and a fixed position for continuous spraying.
Electronic card, giving the sprayer a greater range of use. It prolongs the life of the pump by suiting consumption to the pressure at which it is operating.
Easy access fuse, acting as a protection against overcurrent.
Telescopic spray lance, adjustable from 70 cm to 120 cm (Elegance 18 plus only).
Shaker system (Elegance 18 plus only) to homogenize the product to be applied.
It can be used for treatments with wet powder by means of the diaphragm pump (Elegance 18 plus only).
Upto 22 hours spraying time before a recharge of the battery is needed, dependant upon spraying pressure.
This sprayer can also be used to apply a pre measured dose, by setting the two adjusters that are shown in the picture above
are fitted with the following accesories as standard:
Complete set of nozzles, including:
2 adjustable cone nozzles for
insecticide and fungicide applications.
• 1 deflector nozzle for herbicide
• application.

Protective hood for local and isolated applications of total herbicides.
Pressure-gauge for pressure control.
Adjustable, directed, non-slip straps with fitted shoulder pads, and a belt to hold the sprayer firm.
12 Volt Battery charger

i have a (not very good) spray bottle on my belt hangs on a short chain fixed to the belt . i like it chained on,so theres no chance im going to leave it at a house

instead of the original bottle i use a smaller,clear ,ex drink bottle of 300ml,so its lighter to carry all day .i dont spray big glass with mine, i use it only to spray small door glass panels ,or ridged panels on doors ,that are too small to get into with a scrubber., then buff same with scrim. full door clean is something i include in my service
not sure if the pump up sprayer would be too bulky to carry on the belt ,but it looks very interesting,also impressive looking for a customer to see in action and very well made. im thinking it could probably wet a whole door in 3 seconds which is a big speed improvement.i can see on the video it is a powerful sprayer too

the GLORIA looks as though it would take a clear bottle by just shortening its tube and looks as if the spray head could be drilled towards the rear,for a short fixing chain to attach onto

My $14 one-galllon bug pump sprayer = Winning

I want one!