Checking in from Los Angeles County

Hi, this is Tim checking in from the city of Pico Rivera. We are Southland Window Cleaning Co. and have been in business since 1993 (as Tim the Window Cleaner until 2007). We major in Residential with some commercial on the side. I’ve perused your forums before or just found myself there on a google search. Always looking for new ideas and ways to make my customers happier. Thank you for this site!

Welcome Tim

Hey there Tim,

I grew up in El Monte right up the 605 from you ! Good to have you here, Phil grew up around there also ! I live, work and breath in the Seattle area now, Be safe…


Always looking for new ideas and ways to make my customers happier

You`ll have to try out the ecover washing up liquid!

Welcome Tim!

I think you may own stock in Ecover :slight_smile:

Dont get me wrong though, Im glad you got everyone to try it… its great stuff.

Welcome Tim

Welcome Tim. I like Unger chems. Lol

'Sup big Tim. I grew up in Rosemud…I mean Rosemead right next door to the “friendly” (yeah right) city of El Monte. Glad to see Pico hasn’t changed so much where not everything is written in Mandarin like Rosemead and Monterey Park…

I wish!:wink:

Welcome Tim.

Welcome, Tim.


Northwest is beautiful. Grew up in Sequim, northwest of you on the top of the Peninsula. Thanks for the “hey”

Thanks for the heads up… no allegiance to a soap at this time so I’ll look into it

Thats funny you said that you grow up here in the northwest, I grow up in socal, Irvine.

Sequim is a nice lil place. My ol’ lady’s grandma lives there. Haven’t been in a couple of years but I remember it being real scenic.