Chemical addition to soap


Just spitballing to start a conversation, but constantly what I run into is debris on the glass that hold on a bit longer than other debris, and I have to go back to detail them. (Bug droppings are common with this.) If I scrub long enough everything else is long gone, or if I don’t scrub enough it’s back to detailing. I know soap breaks down dirt, but is there a chemical that would possibly be an additive that would help the soap break down the droppings and other organic matter faster? As an example, 1/3 less time scrubbing with a more constant clean would save a good amount of time. Even if there needs to be some dwell time, I still see this as being a plus. Thoughts?

Obviously it needs to be surface safe, which presents a challenge.

I got this idea from a chemical I used to treat my crawlspace against termites. It has an additive that allows the toxin to penetrate wood up too two inches, so I just thought maybe something could help soap penetrate.

I skimmed this article, and it kind of talks about what I was thinking with soaps that penetrate more and rinse off easier. Maybe looking to car wash soaps for inspiration is a good idea?

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