Chemicals in trucks

I know you shouldn’t store chemicals together - but nearly dropped me bacon sandwich this morning :eek:
I went to get some degreaser out the van & my Winsol 550 had managed to split the plastic & leaked all in with the other chemical bottles in a huge plastic container. Luckily I bag each chemical bottle & twist tie each one seperately. But if they had mixed - there would have been a huge bang.
How does everyone else carry chemicals?

I make crystal meth in my car

Sadly to say Karlos, I carry mine in the bed of my cleaning truck. They’re loose, but confined to a small area. I have had them spill before though. I don’t carry anything regularly that is more harmful than bleach though. Just GG4, a small bottle of dish soap, Tide, and Bleach. Maybe a can of “GOOF-OFF”, and bee/wasp spray. Good thought about being more careful. I am trying to buy a van with bins and shelfs for all of this.

Mix bleach with most wc products - kaboom!
I stored them in a big plastic container with lid - & double bagged as well.
Has anyone else had probs with Winsol containers? I had the same problem with awning cleaning fluid.

Not me but I also get the 5 gal bucket of 550. so to make it easy to carry I pour some into another bottle. I only carry about 12 oz. at any time. More if I know I am going to need it. I do find that the sun here destroys the plastic bottles fast. I have a tool box in my truck that keeps the chems divided pretty well. it’s also where I keep my dirty wet hucks so if anything spills they contain it all pretty well.

Gotta admit I am a bit sloppy in transporting my window cleaning chemicals. I have a Tundra Super Cab and I keep half of the back seat with two plastic crates stocked full of GG3, GG4, Dawn, Ammonia, Sorbo Powder, Tide and other stuff like micro fiber rags.

I have yet to have a spill but this thread prompts that reality. Tomorrow after I finish working I am going to organize that stuff and bag up each bottle just in case. Thanks for the reminder.

Just curious…what do you guys cary Tide for? I only carry Dawn and non-amonia cleaner currently so no harsh chemicals to worry about.

Tide w/ bleach alternative is great for cleaning screens.

You got it Tony…seems to not leave the residue. Gotta use the bleach alternative though. :slight_smile:

And let’s not forget to carry MSDS on all chemicals in the vehicle in case of accidents.

I had a bottle of oil flo spill in my bucket with my razor and some rubbers. I found it on monday and my razor looked like it had melted and I had to throw everything away.

If you go to our Links Tab on the top left side of our homepage there is a whole msds section.

We carry 18 different soaps and chemicals and all there MSDS are up there for free download. So help your self!

You really should carry a msds for every chemical you have. Even GG3 and GG4

You can check them out here

Good looking out Chris. Thanks!

I guess I DO learn something new every day!! I hate screens by the way.


I guess I don’t hate the screen…I just hate taking it in and out. I always have at least one that doesn’t want to go back in as easy as it came out. I always feel like I’m going to drop it from the 2nd floor window when I’m trying to fannagle it back into it’s place. They are nice for a few extra bucks though i guess.