Chillin at the Fairmont

Well another year another anniversary the wife & I are celebrating our 27th so…we’re shoving off for a week to San Francisco staying at the “Fairmont” very nice place.

So…i’ll be bringing my laptop to keep up on things but…momma’s due for alittle pampering and im looking to get my grind on some “GOOD FOOD”:wink:

Got to bust a move before the spring rush hits full tilt.

I’m hitting The Warfield Theater in SF on Saturday night – I loves me some Les Claypool!

Is Les Claypool still as funky as the my name is mud days?

Good for you Craig. Enjoy yourself before you get slammed with work. Its still cold in NJ. And I wish I could vacation in Cali again before I get busy. Enjoy man.

Primus still tours (saw them 3 times in December 2006; they will be a few festivals later this summer.)

Les’ current Fancy Band is very funky and very heavy – Mike Dillon on vibraphone, Paulo Baldi on drums, and Skerik on sax (Gabby Lala [sitar] not part of this current tour.)

I first saw Primus in '91 in San Jose, CA, and my daughter’s first concert was Primus in Berkeley, CA when she was thirteen.

Les is also my annual NYE SF destination.

sound like fun. have a good time

I’m still a big Pixies fan, Bill, if you know that Boston band.

Not too familiar with the area,how far is it from where i’ll be at?

Maybe we could hook up before your show? I have some Amends i owe you;)

Anyhow…i’ll have my cell 951 756-5092

ya great band from the 80’s and early 90’s. You can hear them now and then on the classic rock station in Boston

I used to dine there at their The Tonga Room restaurant if you like Polynesian eats.

Fairmont (Nob Hill) to Warfield (Tenderloin) is less than a mile, I believe.

The Tenderloin and Market Street isn’t the best spot…

I’ll be driving up from San Jose after visiting family; at this point I’m not sure when I’ll arrive in The City.

Concert/venue info:

Claypool concerts get pretty wild; pits form anywhere, anytime. I lost a cell phone down front in Sacramento during a Primus show…

They actually toured the US in 2005, and swung thru the Bay Area.

I have also seen a 2004 Austin City Limits show with them in the not-too-distant past.

Well…you got my cell # if you get a chance give me a ring;)

Cool – hope it works out.

The Pixies disbanding back in the early nineties got me so down, I got me a headache.:wink:

You catch them when they reformed a few years ago Larry?

PS- Anyone catch that Frank Black Lyric?:slight_smile:

No, dammit! But, I saw them in San Jose '89 or '90.

Black Francis will be in SF later on in April.

I also saw Frank Black and the Catholics once.

Slick! From Headache

Well…im here 1st stop was China town last night,had some UNBELIEVABLE food!
Lookin forward to hitting up Fisherman’s wharf later on!

Hey Lar…you still making it in for the show?

Glad your having a good time Craig… Rest up its almost $$$$ making season!

Probably get there late (and see my family tomorrow) – I took a sale prep job on a big ranch that I’m leaving for soon.

We’ll be out & about so…you got my cell# give me a jingle! Maybe we can still hook up for a coffee or alittle din din?

Will oil and water ever mix?