Chris and Alex, and fellas on East Side

Haven’t seen any posts or anything from you guys in a minute…everybody alright over there?

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That ain’t a good sign.

You fellas doin’ alright?

Rough in NJ here

Thats what I hear. How’s it live? Chaotic?

Fine up here in the woods. How are things by you Tory?

All good in the woods :slight_smile:

How are you bro?

We are healthy, but the numbers are starting to get a little crazy here in North Jersey. People stopped panic buying in my town (Denville) so it seems that whole phase is over with, thankfully. I guess people thought COVID-19 is a stomach bug with all the TP they bought? Went to Acme 2 days ago and TP was still out of stock, tho the rest of the store was fully stocked. I don’t get it.

From what I hear, the small-ish hospital up the block from us is overwhelmed, but here in the neighborhood all is quiet. Lots of people walking around. I think half of us are going to come out of this 20 lbs heavier and the other half 20 lbs lighter lol

Phone is still ringing, but very slowly. We cut out interior work for the foreseeable future. I have a feeling we are going to get slammed to the wall with business in May, I welcome it. We have had blizzards in March and April before and still turned a profit through the rest of the year. I’m hoping it goes like that this time.

You good @thorSG1 ? You hunkered down in Cali or Mexico?


Good to hear from you all. Nice to know you guys are well.
Yeah the TP thing I don’t get either. If I gotta I’ll just rip up old rags or my wife’s clothes! I’m lying, she scares me.

I read an interesting article on some things I didn’t think about, such as needing a hospital in the event of an accident, or if my kid ended up with a broken leg somehow…how the hospitals being full, so many complications from routine easy stuff can happen.

Take it slow out there man.

I’m alright. Woke up yesterday with sore throat and today a little worse but its just strep throat. No fever. Staying in my man cave for a few days to be on the safe side so its dank and rank in here.

I’m at home in Playas tijuana just waiting for things to get crazy over here. Been wanting to move back to the states, after-all, the US ambassador to Mexico sent this to me along with others who are on the STEP program (they send text and email advisories for wherever you are in the world to warn you about everything from natural disasters and civil unrest to pandemic) Here’s the video

Basically he’s saying for americans to come home. This isn’t the first time I’m hearing this over this pandemic, but it IS THE FIRST TIME I’VE HEARD THAT MESSAGE!! I’m concerned, not worried and am really hoping I’m not wrong about that and having false confidence.

Let me ask you; if you needed to go to the hospital do you believe you would have your life saved or that of your kids or is it the wild west and you’re on your own basically?

@Chris @Alex how are your kids doing? Bouncing off the walls yet?

I definitely would not want to be out of the USA right now period full stop. I at least know what measures our government can take legally to combat the virus, which leaves most of our rights intact. As for your question about the hospitals, probably depends on where you live. I’m in Ventura county and were up to 93 cases with only 15 needing to stay at the hospital, so we would definitely get help if needed. Our current county population is just shy of 1 million. The numbers are going to go up but that’s going to be mostly due to increased testing.

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I didn’t get it either but when I listened to a marketing podcast, one of the guys was saying he had heard people were buying tp because they thought it all came from china and the supply chain would be cut off…

Ben Shapiro has good informative news on this stuff. It sounds like New York last I heard (friday) was very busy not not completely overwhelmed. It sounded like they were shifting recovering patiants (not icu patients) people that were in good condition and just needed an IV pretty much to smaller town hospitals and converting hotels into something like “light duty” hospitals for patients that didn’t need very much attention to free up room in the larger cities for wu flu victoms. Which makes sense because of the likelyhood of more infections happening in larger cities…

I’ve also heard some docs are saying we aren’t going to hit the peak until mid April, which means any residential work is shot. I think this entire year is going to tank. Well, I mean I don’t mean to be a debbie downer but the stock market has dropped more in 2 months then it did in the 07-08 crash. it’s dropped a STUPID amount.

I’ve given up hope of trying to fight back with marketing this year, my 1 goal is to wrap up expenses so tight I can weather this storm and then look to grow, but until then I think it’s be frutile to try and “grow” because I’ll be trying to sell a luxury service during the worlds biggest economic crisis to ever happen in history. unemployment is expected to rise to 30%.

the longer we’re in this “slump” the harder it’ll be for the economy to pull out, and I heard that the stay home thing was recommended till the end of Apirl at least.

This too shall pass.

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Well the COVID-19 virus has really give us a major hit. Lots of customers have contacted us to cancel until further notice.

What a bummer to be out of work so fast and at the start of season. I have lost that spark of excitement I once had just a few years back.

Plans to figure out what is going to pay the bills and get food in the house have not been made yet. I may have to make a tough decision to not offer services any more ,and help someone else grow their business. A will work for food sign is easily made and cheap.

Wish I never tried to have a legit business in West Virginia, one of the poorest states in the nation. I should have became a Bucket Bob and A splash and dasher from the get go.

Im just so bummed out over all those window cleaning commercial accounts canceling until they call to be serviced again.

The calendar has been really bare for the past 6 months With residential services, we been focusing on commercial window cleaning only.

It cost way to much to keep in the supplies to service in pressure washing. If they want pressure washing I will be ordering it per job basis only so they have to order supplies themselves. I have not turned a profit sense 2018. The accountantI had paid to do those taxes did not file them and I had to get all of that paperwork from his office. Talk about some serious stuff that is going on. The stress and anxiety to go through ugh! Used every ounce of credit I had these past 4 years. Its just horrible really horrible :frowning:


Hey man, it sounds like you’ve been put through the ringer. I’m really sorry to hear about all that has happened over the past few years with your business. If we are each able to just take it a day at a time it’ll be a little bit more managable. You’ve got this man! The path less taken is the one your walking.
If you just need someone to listen you’re welcome to give me a call, I know I’ve had serious doubts in the past about why I got into this and it can help to just have someone to talk you through and remind you of why you started.
Jarred shoot me a text or give me a call (that goes for anyone that needs a sounding board.)
509-701-3064 (personal cell)


I hear you man. Don’t know if this helps or not but I’ve gave some serious thoughts to hanging this thing up as well and just when I do, someone calls and wants some work done. Happens every single time.

I ain’t balling like I was at one point, in fact-as I type this I have 50 bucks left over from the 100 I had to borrow waiting on payment for work that was done over like 2 weeks ago! I don’t know what is going to happen when there’s a break in crisis, but I don’t want to be one of those people in line…anywhere.

All of us here have been able to break out of the mold and see things differently than the average person-which very well may give people like us an edge to find ways to survive that most wouldn’t see.

Like another poster mentioned, just worry about today. Everything usually comes together like butt cheeks. It’s all in how you tackle the day and look at things.

You ever have a weak moment and your wife see’s it? What mine does is turn into Mike Tyson, and I’ll suck it up and remember whats true and what ain’t. Don’t trip man. Its about life, not any one particular business. If it ain’t gonna work for you, then it wont. Just saying to add it up on paper the pros and cons and then decide.

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Im new to these forums but we are hitting hard times here in NYC like the gentleman above mentioned about having these larger chain stores cancelling until further notice. Whats sucks is that those type of accounts aren’t easy to come by and now we don’t even have a guarantee that they’ll even continue to want our services once this is done.

What brightened my day this past week were the Dunkin Donuts accounts and Wendys accounts we have, they’ve called us for quite the opposite and to make sure we continue servicing them. Our supermarket accounts have also been very grateful with our services.

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Thats good to hear. I actually had some good things happen from this as well. People are still doing business, so buildings still need to be maintained. Not getting any calls for new business but for current clients, I’m currently still working soon as the rain stops.