Cigar Smoke

I picked up a cigar bar recently I am having a tough time getting the smoke off the inside windows ? I have a sports bar that i do and have no problem getting the cig smoke off the windows. I use GG4 is there something that i could add to it ? I am spending way to much time cleaning these windows !

Try a little ammonia… It will do the trick real quick.

i dont run into smoky windows often, but when i do i use lots of dishsoap. a good scrub, and it cleans right up.

I use Simple Green. Spray a little on the window and scrub. Works great and smells good too!

although similar, cigar smoke is much different.

The tar and nicotine levels are through the roof. Ad to that the moist-type tobacco and the spice the leaves carry…


But now you get the side effects of ammonia. It WILL STAIN certain wood finishes if it is allowed to run down. Use caution and go slow enough to catch your water trails B-E-F-O-R-E THEY HIT THE GRAIN.

ammonia is caustic (opposite acid) and can and will burn many substrates on contact. It evaporates rather fast and the odor can be misleading. Simply because you smell it does not mean it is still working. Nor does NOT smelling it mean it is gone.

Use 3-4 oz per gallon and change often.

Wash your hands often and try not to rub your eyes.

Ammonia does not go well with spiced rum.

Use a porcupine or a blue devil cover with GG4.

I’ll go with Simple Green too.
Agressive enough to clean but safe at the same time.

I’ve never cleaned a cigar bar.

For cigarette-/nicotine-stained windows, I add Simple Green to my standard GG4-based solution and use a dedicated washer. I then use a second, standard solution with a second dedicated washer for final cleaning.

I also use latex gloves while cleaning to keep the dirty solution from contacting my skin – it always causes me a headache later.

True dat!

Did a home last spring full of nicotine and I believe I absorbed a whole pack of smokes through my skin dunking my hands in the water. Felt ill for a day or two.

Also, I second Karlosdaze and the porcupine strip washer.

This is my first post so Hello everyone. I’ve had the best success using Zep foam or adding alcohol(Isopropol or denatured) to the solution. If there is access to hot water on site I would fill your bucket with it as hot as you can stand to help cut through the nicotine. With the simple green I’ve found if you use too much it leaves a nasty residue.

Never done cigar smoke either.
I have cleaned windows for heavy smokers before and it’s one on the most disgusting things to do.

tsp for me brothas


If you can do a weekly cleaning that would help out, once a month inside cleaning on a cigar place is a huge pain:eek:, even 2 weeks sometimes is a pain sticky glass. The problems with weekly is the $$ the customer is willing to pay, and the second hand smoke knocking a few years off your life:eek:. I would do inside at least twice a month, let the owners know that, or see about the weekly cleaning. Like the posts above a pre-spray helps a bunch. Like the posts above the pre-spray/treat works a bunch.

Good luck!
Alberto E.:slight_smile:

That’s correct, but it goes really well with bleach. Depending on what you are looking to do with it. :smiley:





Thanks everyone for the input it’s been a great help. I believe that ammonia will be the first thing that I will try. Like i said on my thread the sports bar smoke on the windows i was getting off with no problem, the cigar bar has proved to be much different, again thanks too all and a merry christmas, hope too see some of you at the IWCA convention

Notice how cigar smoke is black & nicoteen is yellow?

Or brown depending on how long it’s been there!:eek:

Depending on what they smoke :wink:

Oh don’t even get me started! These kids today!:smiley: