Clamp issue on Gardiner SL-X30

Looking for some help. I bought my SL-X30 in March. Great pole. But now I’ve noticed that clamp #1 is loose/separating from the pole. If you grab the brush head and twist then you find it rotates just under clamp #1. If you pull on the brush I can see a gap appear here, and I guessing is could pull out? I’ve not noticed performance issues with the pole…at least not yet. But I’m sure it should not be loose like this. I’ve attached a photo. Look at the gap under the clamp. I’ve pulled it up a bit so you can see better. Can this be glued? What product do you recommend? Do you think this is a warranteed item? Thanks in advance!

My #1 clamp came off after about 10 months. John Lee told me to get some epoxy (the kind that comes in 2 tubes & you mix it up before gluing). I used sand paper to lightly scuff both surfaces and epoxied them together. After sitting over night it was ready to get back to work.

If you want to make it last a great deal longer, after you scuff the surface with sandpaper try these additional steps:
-put on some rubber gloves to keep body oils off your surface
-grab a couple paper towels (using a microfiber towel or huck sometimes will have contaminants that can weaken the bond believe it or not).

-grab some rubbing alcohol, and a PROPANE torch.

-after you scuff sand it, put the gloves on, and rinse the scuffed area and immediate areas around your surface area with water only.
-putting plenty of alcohol on the paper towel, clean the area with the towel and alcohol. Give it a couple minutes to dry.
Then grab your torch after the area is dry and don’t burn the pole, just briefly touch the flame to the surface you are using the epoxy on (it’ll take less that one minute).

-when you carbon score it with a propane flame, for some reason it bonds better to the surface.

-also, don’t just get any epoxy. get marine epoxy. you can glue stuff under water! Here is what I use: Gflex Epoxy Resin

Look up Gardinerpolesystems on YouTube. He has a bunch of videos available regarding clamps and re-gluing.

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Why? If this is a recurring issue, why doesn’t factory take care of it. I think products should perform without needing modification or repair

Three of my clamps came off and that after very little use !.. gardiners service is very good. but lets face it when i am attacking a three story building at 2.00 pm in the afternoon the last thing i need is a a loose clamp…

Why would there be a service agreement offered when u buy a new car then? Just asking man.

because a car has many more moving parts and systems that can fail? A pole with clamps on it should be engineered to be able to perform its duties without a recurring problem or failure until it is at the end of its useful life, unless it is abused or used improperly. Even if you used the pole every day, it shouldn’t fail within 6 to 9 months

Thanks all…did glue the clamp with JB Weld epoxy…after watching instructional video on YOu tube from Alex Gardiner…not difficult at all. Hardest part was scraping out excess epoxy from inside pole after it dried.

dry out sorry.