Cleaned My own windows

I moved into a new home back in April and finally had a chance to clean my OWN windows. I have 9 single hung windows with half screens, 6 of the outsides requiring a 6ft ladder. Done in 2 hours working solo. I usually do storefront route work part time. Is this a decent time to complete 9 windows or do I need to improve my efficiency?

Kudos, I gotta give it to ya for trying. The timing could use a little tweaking in my mind but if your happy with it go full force ahead. I did the math it took you 13.3 minutes per window at two hours. Keep cleaning the same windows as often as possible and see if you can speed up your time. Use a stop watch and race yourself if you have to… On those types of windows it should take less than 5 minutes in/out per on average…

Hey, Kermit!
It’s a bit slow for a seasoned pro, but a good start if you’re not used to doing that kind of window.

I met some folks that I believe are from your town at the Huge Convention last weekend.

My question is, how long has it been?
And how meticulous did you get?

I ask mainly because I’m guessing you had no other scheduled jobs for that day.

  • and it’s easy to get into some nit-picky detail when you are leisurely doing your own windows.
    I could spend all day doing mine. :slight_smile:

Not me! My windows are so bad, When/if I finally clean them I will post it up on my page and then complain about how someone could let them go so long…:eek:

Ha!!! Same here that’s my winter project this year. Just have to wait for a good above 30 degree day. Lol.

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… I’ve been at this for 15 years and still am improving efficiency…Efficiency is to me different than speed…I will
never even be 5th runner-up in a speed cleaning contest…
It’s a bigger picture regarding things like arriving on time, planning my route through the house, limiting trips to the van,
limiting chat time with customers, keeping my truck orderly so I can find stuff, managing phone calls while on a job, asking customers to move nick-nacks from window sills.
And that said, yes 2 hours for 9 windows in and out including screens and tracks seems a bit slow, even to me. However,
wherever you start is where you start.

Yep. My windows aren’t a showcase in the neighborhood.

Don’t you guys know? Window cleaners windows are the dirtiest in town.

Probably won’t change everyone’s opinion that I am slow, but I also steel wooled all 9 windows in and out. This was a first time clean for my new home. But it will by no means be the last!

Good on ya. I steel wool every residential window in/out unless it’s tinted, acrylic, or low-E. I have a detail focused business though. My full-meal-deal Q-tip track service (some tracks take 15+ min. w/ screens, frames, sills is $18/pane, unless double hung).

Have fun.

Good prices.

So Dh would be $36 [MENTION=36863]walkthruglass[/MENTION]

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efficiency is even a by-product or execution of pre-strategy/engineering

execution/efficiency of

I have some complex jobs i work them and work them until I get a “clean time” of optimum efficiency as a future benchmark

Not sure why I brought up the double-hung, but the glass pane alone is usually $5-6. I charge $20 on a double hung deep-clean. There are fewer hinges, etc. but they can still be a pain. These are cleans where I try to make the entire window structure, including tracks look new.

Generally speaking, a ‘basic’ scrub, squeegee clean with screens, frames, screens, and a light surface clean of the track is $6 a window.

Hey, do what you gotta do. If you’re getting those prices I’m behind ya… You’re gonna get that new Toyota ASAP… I might even throw ya a hundred bucks when you’re ready to make the move… #igotrespectforya

Yeah, get that Toyota… :rolleyes:

Y’all are aware I’m from Detroit, right?!?
And that you DO live in the U.S. right?!?

Next job you do, do yourself a favor and ask to be paid in Yen.

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