Cleaning 4 story windows with a lift

Ok so I have 2 buildings in a busy downtown shopping area. One building is 4 stories but building is on a 20 degree or so pitch outwards. It is about 50 Windows. The second building is 4 stories and has over 800 windows but the building is straight up. I guess I am wondering what kind of pricing do you do on windows like this? I was going to go in at about 5$ per window, possibly more on the building with the pitch. Also charging for the lift rental around 800-1000$. I can provide pictures if needed. The windows are not huge by any means, some 1x2 2x2 4x2 on the straight up building. The pitched building is probably 3x4 or 4x5. Also, I have never done lift work, but I have a buddy who can drive the lift… Is this like permit required work or just show up and do the job?

This is the building with the pitch.

Not sure what you mean. I just went to the building after you requested pics its about 15minutes from me.

This building will be most likely 1 whole day. (I work solo). The building next door has 820 Windows. I assume that will be a 3 day job. I have pictures but it seems they are too large at the moment have to send them to cpu and refit them so i can post them.

The ground is flat concrete. This building is in a busy downtown area of a town.

Below the 5 panes of glass in the pictures is 3 more panes, but one story worth. The thrid picture is the ground level windows.

Thank you thats what I was considering. What is a good price per day? 800.00$?

I already do the monthly window cleaning for the bottom floor store fronts. The building in the pictures wants me to take care of the entire building twice a year, and the first floor is a monthly account. The buiding that has 830 windows was watching me clean the other buildings storefronts and approached me yesterday. They have someone doing it already so I assume I have to come in lower than them. I hope that’s not confusing lol.

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This is the other building. It has 830 total windows but no pitch

You might need permits if the lift will be blocking a lane. You will need to check with the city for requirements.