Cleaning a hockey rink

So I’ve never cleaned a hockey rink before, but there’s a big competition coming up and the owner wants all of the glass around the rink spotless. There are 126 panes, so 252 sides to clean. They are all covered in tape, grime, puck marks, etc. I bid it per window like a construction clean-up type job. I’ve never quoted any job that high in my life.

Was it a ridiculous quote or do you think I may get a call back?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have to stand on the ice to clean the plexiglass on the inside of the rink? Throw down a stretch of carpet if you do.

(I’m pretty sure they use thick Plexiglass.)

Plexiglass can have its own issues to get scuff marks off and not leave a mark. Test an inconspicuous area if you can as you don’t want to be responsible in replacing one of those panels. Last one touch it is the first one to blame.

This would be a PREMIUM SERVICE. No shame in walking away if the price does not cover the work and risk.


I think you under bid it… reasons way…

the owner will nit pick everything

TONS of work… its plexiglass.

Good luck, I hope it works out in your favor.


It’s all tempered glass, there is one section that is plexiglass but it will be covered by a banner so he doesn’t want that section done.

Tempered glass can and will scratch easily,
Use these keywords to search in threads on tempered glass…

“tempered glass scratching”


Thanks Garry, that’s a good idea about the carpet for standing on the ice. I’ll make sure to do that if I get the job.

Thanks wcs! Yeah I was planning on having him sign a scratch waiver because they are all tempered.


I clean our local rink with 3 sheets of ice. 2 are tempered, one is plexiglass.

Never know but ice rinks have extremely low budgets and likely will run from your price. Dont change your price it needs to be worth it.

Did you look at the top of the glass and notice any supports that keep the tops in line? Very time consuming.


we do this one all tempered twice a year for 600.00 some of it is donation but this whole complex was built and is maintained by local donation.


I’d like to do a hockey rink so I could put pictures on my website, that would be the bomb. I’d probably put my skates on and clean the glass, carpet the steps on my ladder so it didn’t dull my blades.

Use a pole instead save time

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Well we got the job! And he’s a great guy. We’re happy and he’s happy. Now we’ll have to take some cool pictures when we do it. Thanks everyone for your replies!


This thread (especially the pics) made me smile… thanks! :slight_smile:

Never cleaned, or thought of cleaning “the boards” at a hockey arena.


Hey guys, I’m new to the WC community. Lot’s of rinks up here in Manitoba, what is the best solution for taking scuff/puck marks off of glass without doing damage? Hoping to do a few quotes but don’t really know what i’d be getting myself into.