Cleaning Awnings

In Italy almost all the shops have awnings.

Now its spring loads of customers are asking us to clean them.

Until now we’ve been doing it like this: (For the plastic canvass type)

  1. Dry brushing all the dust off.
  2. Go over with fed pole.
  3. Scrubbing the stubborn marks by hand with universal cleaning solution.
  4. Rinsing again with fed pole.

Today I got to thinking it would be better to take them off and take them down to the car wash!

I don’t have much experience with them because not many shops have awnings in the UK. (Never any sun!)

Any ideas on the best way? Recommend any products?



Do It Right, Inc. – (Florida, USA)

Awning Rejuvanation Systems International (IWCA member) – (Florida, USA)

Thanks llaczko!

I appreciate that, I’ve never come across these sites before. Looks like some good reading on there.

I use the Winsol products with a pump sprayer & wfp. Never pressure wash awnings. My biggest challenge is the canvas type. OK when they are a year or so old, but after that its a variable result.

I use pump-up sprayer and (Unger Hi-Flo) WFP as well. For painted lettering, I hand scrub.