Cleaning firm slogan: We speak English

PHILADELPHIA — [I]In his column in today’s Philadelphia Daily News, Michael Smerconish tells the story of a Florida house-cleaning business that prominently features “We Speak English” on its vehicles, website, brochures and business cards.

Earlier this year, George Koleszarik and Cecille Drake set up Cecille’s Residential Services in Naples around a slogan that ensures that homeowners will be able to effectively communicate with their house cleaners, the column stated.

Though some people have complained about the slogan, Koleszarik said that if many businesses can advertise “Se habla Espanol,” he should certainly be able to advertise that his cleaners speak English, the column noted.

Koleszarik said business is booming, and Smerconish wrote that he “senses a franchise opportunity.”[/I]

Sounds fine to me. I wonder if there was any data he used to come up with that as a marketing device. (if he surveyed customers)

or if it is of a personal perspective

Sounds fine to me to… it would catch my attention if i saw it.

Perhaps it’s related to that cheese steak shop snafu a week or two ago…