Cleaning inside windows with signs,posters,etc

what do you guys do when you have to clean a storefront.and theres all kinds of signs,stickers.etc.all over the inside im looking at a job thats a grocery store that has probally not been cleaned in 3 years.know i can get the job just unsure how to approach it with all the junk in the windows dont want to lose my arse.15panes of glass total easy access plus ton of glass door coolers that i know i could get in future.any help would be great

You need to elaborate your ? Easily take down the posters to clean the windows. As far as stickers, scrape if needed but make sure there isn’t tint. If a normal storefront is 20 in and out with no hassel charge another 10 or 15 for the first time to remove all the stuff then after 20.

no theres just like signs taped to the windows,that are old torn etc. tape on front doors for every lost dog and fundraiser for the past 3 years. after first heavy cleaning how often you recomend doing inside?

You need to be aware of the danger of scraping door glass which by code is tempered glass. Fabricating debris is the potential problem. You would do well to get the scoop on this issue.

Suggestion: Offer to take down the posters, this way you can clean the windows completely and properly. However, tell the store manager it would be better if they put the posters back up themselves. Mention that it would save you time which saves them money, this way it shows you are thinking about their bottom line. It would also insure that the posters are rehung exactly as they want them. I have down this in the past. It does not take long to get the posters down but sometimes they are a pain to get back up, to get them level etc. I think most reasonable people like when you try to meet them half way especially if by doing so it will save them money.

We do different things based on the customers preference.

that sounds like how i will hande it. thanks

all went good on the job owner took down everything.he wants to start fresh with clean windows i cleaned them not real bad mostly just tape may have even picked up a resi job.will bid it monday.

Inside every 3 or 4 months. Just touch it up for him on the doors for free every visit.

Train folks to hang their stiff with either suction cups with hooks or Scotch Magic Tape (low adhesive residue) with folded-over tabs for easy removal.