Cleaning Insides


I am speechless.

Wow!! That’s what you call dedication to a lifestyle!!

You can almost admire that sort of commitment!

I thought it was Chris’s gaff? All those pizza boxes & the fact he said he had to wash his hands twice an hour - I thought this was why?

Proud to live in Houston :slight_smile:

That MoFo has to be dead by now, with that diet, all that sugar and tobacco.
There’s at least one container of every fast food joint in town.
Maybe she was suicidal :slight_smile:

That is by far the most disgusting place I have ever seen and I used to clean government housing apartments after an eviction!:eek:

at first site I thought that was Phil’s pad… but I see it is not in Florida

OH MY !!!
I have no response to those pics :eek:

Oh well, I was hoping for a bite off Chris - nuthin :rolleyes:


I loved the way the tabs were put out on the arm of the sofa…

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Did the Bookkeeper try digging for the customer with a shovel?


Can you imagine trying to get a decent nights sleep in that place?

What I thought was interesting is that the keyboard looks like it was used recently lol. There are dirty keys and some clean ones. But I also noticed the clean keys were on the left side of the keyboard. Maybe the person was typing with 1 hand only :wink: lol.

Man they really like chillis food. When my uncle died a long time ago I remember we were contacted by his lawyer a few months after telling us he found an appartment he owned in Chinatown NY. We went over and it was filled to the top with tons of stuff. My uncle was a VP of an import export company in NYC and he had stuff in there from his world travels. He only used the place for storage and I will admit it was gross. He apparently liked to collect matchbooks. We never counted them, but he had over 8 large boxes filled with them from all over the world. Some were pretty cool, like childrens pop up story books. I remember one of them was from an oprea house in Austria and when you opened the book, all the matches poped up. The match heads looked like bunch of singers. But I remember my mom saying “All it would take it one small fire and this place would have taken the whole building down”. Once we saw the roaches and rats I was told to wait in the car (I was only 12). LOL. He also had a collection of lighters that I was able to keep. I don’t know how people live like that. I would rather live in the bush with natives. I’m sure sleeping on the ground would be safer then sleeping in there.

The shower curtain is really clean - obviously not a frequent visitor?

who was sneaking around in my house.

That is so Surreal… Almost like a piece of postmodern art.

OMG! IS that POO on the floor!?