Cleaning multiple story homes- no ladder?

I’m new to the industry - never cleaned a window besides mine (balcony windows). I do not own a vehicle, but I do have a bicycle. I plan on starting to clean strip malls and storefronts, but I’m unsure as to how to clean tall residential buildings. I was thinking a telescopic latter, but they only go so far (for the weight), and it’s not too practical. Are inexpensive WFP, such as Tucker, and Unger nLite ($200-300) worth it once I’ve been doing store fronts for a while? Could I get tips on how to clean residential homes without a vehicle, or how to transport a latter easily? Again, I’m new to the industry and any help would be appreciated.

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I think that price is for the pole itself. You would need a pure water system to go with it.

That having been said, I believe it would be possible to carry/tow a WFP system with your bike if you are determined to do so.

For the money of a pure water system though, I’d rather buy a beater car and a ladder.


@Samuel If I use a latter, how do I know where I can walk on certain parts of a roof? Can I stand on those roofs on top of a porch, to clean the attic/2nd story window?

Roofers walk on roofs all of the time, as do painters and window cleaners. If a roof is so weak or designed not to hold any weight, then that should be obvious.

You could set up a trailer system for your bicycle if that is how you want to roll (or need to). Hell, you could even set up a street legal “golf cart” type vehicle with a trailer for all of your gear…or get a cheap ride with a roof rack off of Craigslist.

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Check out this thread it has everything you need to setup a bike for wfp or carrying a ladder ect…

I hope this helps!


If I were you I’d just straight up avoid the jobs your ill equipped for. That’ll come, but get your experience on the ground, Build a few storefront routes and the residential will trickle in from those. Save for a vehicle and a ladder, then your set.