Cleaning Out Gutters With Gutter Guard

There’s a small construction company that I get occasional calls for window cleaning and gutter cleaning for their residetial clients.

They sent me out to a home yesterday to give a quote for a gutter clean. Upon arrival I immediately realized that the gutters have that solid sheet of metal gutter guard (not the mesh kind). Threre’s only a slight opening where the guard section meets the outer wall of the gutter.

I figured my price as if these gutters did not have gutter guard and then doubled it for my quote.

I’m not sure as to how difficult this process is going to be. I’m hoping that I can use two wedges of wood to insert and pry open a 4 or 5 foot section of gutter at a time, allowing me to scoop out debris with my gutter spoon. I’ll then use the blower to clean the rest out.

Have any of you cleaned gutters that have the guard that can’t be removed? This stuff actually seems to be one piece as opposed to being a seperate guard that can be removed from the gutter.

It may not be such a fun day doing this job but then again it may not be so bad at double the normal price, that is if the wooden wedges work well.

Any suggestions to make this gig easier?

At least you doubled the price. That was smart.

I thought the whole purpose of gutter guards was to prevent debris from getting into the gutter. Did they install it without cleaning them?

Myself, if they are not packed full, I would use a jet sprayer on the end of a hose and just flush them out. Should only be dirt & roof gravel if the cover did the job they were suppose to do. Make sure your downspouts are clear first.

The gutters seem to be 1/4 to 1/2 full of debris. Not really large leafy debris so it can probably be blown or water sprayed out after loosening it with my gutter spoon.

I’ve seen all kinds of gutter guard and none of it does what it’s supposed to do. I talked with the guy at the Rain Flo booth at the Atlanta trade show. I told him that I know of no gutter guard that actually does what it’s supposed to do.

I told him that if Rain Flo really works and I knew it to be fact I could sell it. But if I don’t believe in it I just could not sell it to my customers. He said he’ll send me a 15’ sample to put in the gutters on my home so I can see for myself. That remains to be seen but all other gutter guard I’ve seen does not work.

Even at double price for this cleaning I told the man that I would simply attempt to clean the gutters out. If it is the biggest P.I.T.A. I’ve ever dealt with I’ll just have to call him and tell him that I can’t do it. But I figured I’d at least give it a try at double price.

We shove a sweeper nozzel attached to a garden hose under the gutter guard on one end and turn on the water. Have two ladders set up on each end. One guy at the downspout to grab all of the debris before it drains into the downspout. Works very well. You may have to remove a section of the Gutter Guard to access the downspout on top. Usually 1/4" screw driver socket is typically what they are fastened down with.

You can find a sweeper nozzel at lowes in the gardening section. You may want to buy a shut off valve so you can turn it off and on when you need to.

I’ve run across only a very few metal gutter guards that really work. The Rain Flow I put on one of my gutters seems to be working quite well.

Man I hate dealing with gutter guards.The kind that are screwed onto the gutter. There have been times where I take off the gutter end caps and blow everything out the ends rather than dealing with re-installation. Of course you will have to re-seal the taps when your done.

It sounds like you guys have a good “handle” on this. Any updates on whether this worked?

Those metal ‘mesh-like’ guards are worthless in areas with Pine trees, Maple “whirly bird” seeds, roof grit, and pretty much anything else I can think of.

I like Jet City’s idea of popping the end cap.

I usually just remove an area at the end and another near the downspout, and use my air hose to push the sh*t through.

I’m a homeowner and I believe the gutter guards on my house have allowed birds to nest inside the gutters. I can hear the young birds when I am in my garden! My plan is to take off the caps and use some kind of a tool to hook the twigs and nesting material and drag it back out of the gutter. Once I get that debris out, I’ll use a high pressure hose to wash the rest out. Good idea to catch it before it clogs my down spouts. Also … I’m waiting for the birds to fledge before I tackle this. Then I’m sealing up the end caps REALLY well. Hopefully it will all turn out.