Cleaning Peachtree windows with non-removable muntins

A new customer asked me to give him a quote to clean some Peachtree double-hung windows that have non-removable muntins (not snap-ins). The muntins are mounted against a single piece of thermopane glass but are not attached to the glass except at the outer edges of the sash frame. What is the best way to clean this window so that water doesn’t get trapped behind the muntins and then run later? By the way this is my first post so I hope this makes sense!


Hey John,
They can be removed but is time consuming. The locks and handles need to be unscrewed and that frame will remove from the glass surface. Not a fun job, people don’t understand the cost in time for perfect results. I politely decline doing peachtree windows for this very reason. I once had a homeowner remove them all for me and all I did was clean the glass. Kept costs down for him. I see peachtree windows fail within 3 years of being installed.

Using spray foam is a good alternative, to deal with this type of situation

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Right on Art, also you can only remove them inside if I remember correctly.

you are correct. The outsides can be deceiving because all you see is an unobstructed pane of glass.

When I clean peachtree’s I make sure I have the exact size squeegee . I go around the house and wash the top row of the top sash, and top row of the bottom sash. Then go around again and clean the bottom rows of both sashes. By then everything has dripped and you don’t need to worry too much. The only good thing about Peachtree is that they have fiberglass screens so no screen burn! Windows of that age generally have metal screens.
Sounds time consuming but it doesnt take very long. If there are only a couple peachtrees I will do them all at once, but I have a lot of wiping to do.

I forgot to add that long ago, i also tried taking the wood grids off, and it is time consuming…not worth it.