Cleaning Plantation Shutters as an Add-On

I have an inside/out window cleaning job Monday that has 45 casement windows with wide plantation shutters. The customer asked how much extra I would charge to give the shutters a good dusting while we are cleaning and wiping down the windows.

Any ideas on a cost per window (2 shutters per window).

I’ve done it before but I hate it. Last time I charged $4 per. It’s difficult and time consuming.

Do you think you will spend more time cleaning the Shutters than the Windows? I love add on’s. Just be careful not to price it a lot less than a window if it take you longer than the window itself. $4 is a good start. Be Brave!


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$5 per blind

ME–ME–ME–OH WAIT- is there a ‘family’ discount? LOL Love ya Burke…<3

$5 per blind