Cleaning security screens

Hi guys,I have been lucky so far in the little residential work I have done that the screens have been just normal fly screens which I easily remove and wash and tap dry etc,yet to come across having to clean the diamond grill screens,can’t clean the flyscreen mesh the same way as I do with flyscreen only screens.

Any tips for how to clean both sides of the flyscreen mesh when there is diamond mesh in the way?

Also any tips on cleaning the crim safe style ones or stainless mesh?

I use this, but not the solution just the bottle and add about 50ml of soup and fill it with water and attach to the hose, leave of for 2-3 mins then rinse off. for really dirty screens you will have to wipe the inside with a microfiber.

Alternatively many of the security screens in newer windows if installed by the manufactures then they may be possible to remove.

Any screen I can remove even security doors( carry an impact driver to adjust the screws to upper or lower the rollers), I do and wash them with my Aztec screen washer after I spray them with the above.

removing and re fitting screens is no problem as I do this as part of my day job,I can even offer customers re meshing of their screens but where I come up short is once I have removed a diamond grill screen how do I clean both sides of the insect mesh without removing the mesh itself from the diamond grill frame? I don’t see any reason why the frame can’t just stay in the window and Ill clean it in place

Here many of the security screens are installed by people who either screw them in from the inside or rivet them from the outside so removing a bunch of screws, is not something I’m going to be doing without adding 2 hours to the job price.

You can only do what you can do, I find the screens come out pretty good, I prefer to use the screen washer if possible.