Cleaning sliders behind fixed floor to ceiling screens

Has anyone ever had to clean sliding glass doors behind fixed screens. If so whats the best way to do it.

Do you have a pic to post?

Its easier for forum members to give advice or options if they can see whats going on.

Oh yeah welcome to the forum.

This is the best picture i have. Theres the sliders and behind them that railing is a screen enclosure all the way around

Its a weird design. The only thing i could think of is using WFP through the screen.

that won’t get them clean

Did you check if the sliders pop out of place

I tried but they dont pop out. Atleast not easily.

You could pop the sliding part of the slider out and clean it, and unscrew and pop out the stationary piece. Lots of labor and time and risk.

If your not experience with breaking down windows or sliders I woud just let them know that there really no easy ways to properly clean it.

Hope this helps.


don’t be afraid to pass on a job if you’re not qualified to do it.


Get a quote from a re-screening company, then add that to your bid price, then rip out the screens and wash the glass, then hire the re-screening crew to do the screen again.


My method for cleaning glass that is trapped behind an immovable screen is 1) spray a solution of laundry bleach and water onto/through the screen and onto the glass… don’t stop spraying until the glass has been saturated 2) rinse with a garden hose nozzle (if you live in a hard water area you have to filter the water)… this method is a variant of “brush and blast” for commercial window cleaning.

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I still wish someone were to create an efficient magnetic window cleaning system. It would have to use very powerful permanent magnets to work over 3/4 of an inch on insulating glass units. If I could find one that worked I WOULD BUY IT.


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What ratio of bleach and water.?
And istead of a garden hose would i be able to use my WFP to rinse it off

Nothing has ever been put together that can’t be taken apart.


… Yes, I would look at that approach… and if there is enough space between the screen and the stationary piece it may not have to be taken out…hard to tell from the pic.
It may take 2 people to get the slider out, those suckers have weight.

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1/3rd bleach to 2/3 water… wfp doesn’t produce the volume you need to rinse properly through screen.

Let the customer know when they take it apart you’ll be more than happy To come by to clean it.


HOT glass gleam 4 double dose heavilly saturate the glass. Pre wash the screen with WFP to as clean as possble to avoid putting screendirt on glass re apply hot glass gleam 4 double dose. Run pump at highest gallons per min and rinse as tight as possible 3 times per pane extra rinse on edges. Might work depends on the type of dirt, second floor has a better chance of success than first
Method 2 On the inside Use smallest wfp at 90 degree angle and pump sprayer , bring in a drop cloth. On the stationary side GENTLY try and get the brush verticly between the screen and glass top to bottom. on the sliding side , use a short pole and saturated pad with glass gleem 4 hot to agitate the left side as far over as you can get.It ll reach a point where you wont get all the way over, but if you edge the pad half off the holder you can get it to the far side. Then use the Water Fed Pole to send a smooth curtain of water over to the far side for the rinse . Do the right side with WFP or by hand
Im way too into this , I must be slow

Addendum careful with the bleach it will destroy the deck paint and plants

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