Cleaning soffits, fascia & underside of gutter with WFP?

Hi WCR Fans,
I have a customer that wants an estimate for cleaning her house soffits & underneath side of her rain gutters, and likely the near by fascia.
I have seen two videos showing a WFP cleaning the blackened gutter & soffit.
Has anyone had experience with this, and how well did it work, or not?
Thanks for any advice, and even on a fair rule of thumb for pricing it.



That would not work in the states. I would suggest using a Pressure washer then using a chemical with a brush

F13 for gutters. I’ve yet to find something good for soffit and fascia. For fascia and soffit I use a 1-40 concentration of F13 along with a dab of Joy. Works well, but not perfect.
I tell my customers they should expect 90% on gutters, tho most of the time its better than that. 80-90% on fascia. It is a noticeable difference. I’ve yet to have a complaint.
Use a brush on a pole, rinse with hose.

F 13 for gutter whitening. 12% s.h. along with simple cherry for the rest of the work. Treat it as if you were softwashing a home. Try to upsell a housewash.

True dat

I have tried using the wfp on a short section of gutter and overhang as you are describing. The results were not worth the time spent using the wfp for this type of job.

I don’t feel you can clean the sofitts if your not doing a house wash. The reason being is that whatever solution you use to clean the sofitts is going to run down the side of the house. Unless the house is brick then it may not be as much of a problem. We use F13 and a 10" truck brush for whiteing gutters and fascia. We mix the F13 17:1 for gutters and then cut it back some for fascia. You can take the finish right off some fascias so do a test area.

Ryan, We did clean a couple of house soffits & gutter whitens a few years ago before we got the WFP.
We used a pole with a car wash type brush on it and dipped it into our usual glass gleam soap mix, then applied it with some agitation and kept it dripping wet(2 to 5 feet per dip). But we still laddered up behind it and gave a final wipe with blue huck towels to get the loose residue.
It got 90% of the oxidation, and looked good from 15 feet away.
I did try the same method once with F-13 but the results were not any better, and with the GG I did not have to cover the plant life below or wear gloves.
I do not own a power washer, so this time I am just thinking of replacing the ladder and huck part, with the WFP to do final swipe and rinse from the ground.
I hope this works, as the customer said she is only having me to do the parts that she could not reach herself.

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We don’t cover the vegetation, we simply soak it with water. And it’s good to know that GG works well for gutters. In my experience, which has been quite extensive, I haven’t found anything to work better than F13.
I’m not a fan of the sodium hyd. Chl. It WILL kill plants. Plus I have a swimming pool, I know how corrisive that stuff is.
Even for roof cleaning we use a soda ash based product. And you shouldn’t have to ladder anything. Are you soaking the gutter first?
We apply the F13 to a dry gutter, maybe thats why you didn’t see results? Obviously wet down the siding of the house.
Good luck with the WFP. Take lots of pics to share :slight_smile:
Also I think some gutters and fascias are made of “cheaper” or different material, therefore they don’t come as clean. IMO

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Your making way to much work for your self. Keep it simple. Use f13 in a 5 gaollon bucket with a pole and truck brush. Scrub and rinse. Soak down what needs soaking down as you go. Keep in mind when spraying the soffit not to spray the water into the vents. Kind of mist that area or if you need to really soak it then spray from the side.

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Hey Ryan, Update…
We did this soffit and gutter cleaning job today, and got 95+ % of the crud off. They look good. I forgot to get a before pic but I took some after. The before is about in the middle of not too bad dirty and wow is that bad!
We mixed a 3 gal bucket of water with an estimated cup or so of a concentrated general purpose cleaner called “GP Forward”.
We took a flocked bristle brush on a 27 foot Unger extension pole Mr. LongArm Bi-Level Flow-Thru Brush | Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products and dipped it generously in the GP Forward. Then my son in law scrubbed the gutter and soffit with it.
This took most of the crud off but it left some wet black streaks and drops hanging.
I then followed about 10 feet behind him with the water fed pole on fan jets and went over the same area before it could dry.
They came out great and the ladder stayed on the van!
Thanks everyone for your advice!